~ Professor Siles to Carlton.

Professor Roger Siles is the main antagonist of the 2002 film Air Bud: Seventh Inning Fetch, the third sequel of the Air Bud series. He is a greedy scientist who wants to kidnap Buddy and his puppies for their ability to play sports and isolate what he calls the super sports gene and sell it to professional athletes all around the world. He is the boss of Carlton and the owner of his pet raccoon, Rocky.

He was portrayed by Jay Brazeau.


While Carlton is taunting Rocky with his keys, Professor Siles orders him to stop and get him a car. Carlton goes over and gets a $1,200 car without asking the owner, infuriating Professor Siles. As they search to capture dogs, they notice Striker at a barber shop, but Sheriff Bob is there with Striker and they flee.

Later, they come across Shooter playing basketball with his owners and use Rocky to lure him into their trap. They come across Striker at the barber shop and kidnap him with the help of Rocky. The same goes for Zack and Duke.

They eventually find Buddy and set Rocky out to lure him into their trap, but Rocky gets distracted by a watch and the two scientists head after him until he eventually returns with the keys. They manage to capture him in a net and take him away, but Andrea and Tammy notice the scientists and head after them. Sheriff Bob notices them and heads out after them. The scientists lose the girls for a brief moment, but the girls notice them and they eventually arrive at their hideout. Buddy gets Rocky to free him and the girls free the puppies. Carlton overhears them and a chase is ensued. Sheriff Bob arrives at their hideout and heads after them with Rocky. Carlton gets distracted and end up crashing into a mudhole full of pigs. Sheriff Bob finds the two scientists and arrests them as he laughs at their misfortune.


  • Professor Siles doesn't view himself as a bad person by capturing dogs, as he only does it for science.
  • There is a running gag in the film where Professor Siles shouts out Carlton's name for doing something stupid.
  • Duke is the only dog to be captured off-screen.


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