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Your end is MEOW!
~ Von Yipp
I clawed my way through years of Piltovan academia only to have my technologies deemed 'too dangerous' and my very presence dismissed as 'too cute'! Meow to Zaun, where I know at least one great mind shares my ambitions...
~ Von Yipp on his plans to become Nyandroid.

Professor Andrej von Yipp, also known as Nyandroid, is a villainous character in the League of Legends universe. Once a human professor at the University of Piltover, Von Yipp permanently switched bodies with his cat Mauczka as the result of an experiment gone awry. Despite his small, unassuming appearance, the professor remains devious and ambitious as ever, determined to assert his superiority over the feeble human minds of Piltover with his experiments.

Professor von Yipp made his first appearance in Legends of Runeterra as a collectible card, but the character's popularity led to him later receiving his own short story and lore, appearing as the main protagonist of "To Herd a Cat".

He is voiced by Jason Spisak, who also voiced Vladimir in the same game, Silco in Arcane, Jason Dante in Uncharted: Golden Abyss, Vulpes Inculta in Fallout: New Vegas, Silas in The Vampire Diaries, Silico and Packrat in the 2016 Powerpuff Girls series, Oswald Cobblepot in Telltale's Batman, Scorpion in Marvel's Spider-Man, Deag Ranak in Doom: Eternal, and Joker in Batman: Hush.


Once an ordinary human, Andrej von Yipp was born without wealth or social standing, which caused him to resent his colleagues among the engineers of Piltover. Determined to prove his worth as an inventor, Von Yipp built a machine that would allow people to switch bodies, and tested the device on himself and his pet cat, Mauczka. The experiment proved successful, but the machine was destroyed in the process, leaving the professor trapped inside the body of his cat, unable to communicate to anyone except for Mauczka (who was trapped inside the professor's human body).

To avoid humiliation, Von Yipp hid his predicament and instructed Mauczka to assume his identity as the human professor. Though this proved difficult for a time, the two succeeded in securing tenure at the university despite the school's no-animals policy. Mauczka would teach classes by repeating what Von Yipp told her, as he observed from his new, feline form. After tricking the dean that the professor was researching animal intelligence, Von Yipp and Mauczka were able to recruit the Batadel brothers and secure funding for the professor's next great experiment: the Catastrophe Exosuit.

At some point in the future, Professor von Yipp decided to leave Piltover for good after receiving more ridicule from his colleagues (possibly to escape after the destruction of his exosuit). Von Yipp would soon travel to Zaun to join Viktor's "Glorious Evolution" and become the cyborg known as "Nyandroid", which would allow him to speak once again and grant him new hextech enhancements.



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