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The Project Scientists are a minor yet influential group of antagonists in the 2007 video game Manhunt.


Working for Dr. Pickman, the Project scientists are directly responsible for the experiments on the Dixmor Inmates, The Legion, and Daniel Lamb.

During the introduction of the game, one of them can be seen on a TV screen running from inmates during the Dixmor Asylum riots.

Four of them appear again near the end of the game during the mission "Origins":

  • The first Project scientist Daniel Lamb/Leo Kasper comes across is s surgeon wielding a hacksaw. Daniel must kill the scientist to move on since the exit is unlocked by a retinal scanner that only scientists have access to.
  • The next Scientist is a nurse with a tranquilizer gun who can either be killed or spared by sneaking past them.
  • The third scientist is a completely harmless and cowardly man who begs Daniel for his life. If he's spared, he runs away and is never seen again.
  • The final scientist is another nurse guarding Dr. Pickman. He must be killed in order to take his tranquilizer gun in order to subdue Dr. Pickman and interrogate him.

After this, the scientists are never seen or heard from again.

It can be assumed that after Daniel gets his freedom and a new life, all the scientists that are still alive would be arrested for crimes against humanity.



  • During the Beta version of the game, The Project scientists were going to have a much larger role in the events of the game. During the mission "Domestic Disturbance", Daniel would've been given the task to kill three Project Scientists. One of the scientists lived in a house next to a river with speedboat parked outside. It can be assumed that if this scientist were to find out Daniel is in the area or if he spotted Daniel, he would've ran to his boat and the mission would fail.
  • Voice actors for the Project Scientists include:
    • John Zurhellen
    • Walter Houser
  • During the first trailer for Manhunt 2, a nurse was shown holding a revolver while aiming at the camera. In the final game however, none of the Scientists use guns. It's unknown why this change was made.

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