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Professor Sumdac: Prometheus, why are you doing this?
Prometheus Black: Because you're a fraud. I am smarter, better-looking, and more educated than you, and yet, everything you touch turns to gold! While everything I touch... [Prometheus grabs a statue that immediately melts, and throws it out through a window] Just...look at me. I'm a freak! But I refuse to be beaten by some simpering nerd who merely got lucky!
~ Prometheus, now as Meltdown, to Isaac Sumdac.
I guess the Dinobots never mentioned my disdain for machines. Once we eliminate all your robotic circuitry, your remaining arachnid tissue will be perfect for my genetic experiments, and I will finally achieve my dream of creating a transforming organic!
~ Meltdown to Blackarachnia.

Prometheus Black, now known as Meltdown, is a recurring antagonist in the Transformers: Animated series, serving as the main antagonist of the Season 1 episodes "Total Meltdown" and "Survival of the Fittest" as well as the Season 2 episode "Black Friday".

He is a business rival of Isaac Sumdac that experimented on biological technology before mutating himself into an acidic creature. Blaming Sumdac for his mutation, Meltdown becomes obsessed with getting back at him in addition to create an organic transformers, leading him to kidnap different subjects for his genetic experiments.

He was voiced by Peter Stormare, who also played Gaear Grimsrud in Fargo, Shayes in Mercury Rising, Dino Velvet in 8mm, Lucifer Morningstar in Constantine, Dracula in The Batman vs. Dracula, Sir Slicer in Adventure Time, Torsten in False Trail, the Ghost in 22 Jump Street, Werner Zytle in Arrow and Abram Tarasov in John Wick: Chapter 2.


Prometheus Black was a scientist who experimented on biotechnology while his rival Sumdac experimented in robotics. His experiments became a success in Detroit because the citizens feared that robots would take their jobs. He organized a wrestling match between Bumblebee and a mutated human and hoped that Captain Fanzone would sign his contracts. The wrestling match, however, went out of control which made Fanzone reject all of Prometheus' contracts, ruining him financially.

He later discovers a fragment of Bumblebee's armor covered in the hydraulic fluid after the fight. Black takes it to his laboratory and plans on creating an acid that could melt Autobot's armor. Black presents his findings and plans to the bank representative Porter C. Powell. Powell refuses to fund his experiments or provide any test subjects which infuriated Black.

In his anger, he throws the steroids all over his lab and mutated by inhaling the fumes. Prometheus now calls himself Meltdown and wears a protective suit that controls his powers. Meltdown seeks revenge on his rival Sundac first by sabotaging his rival's experiments. Later, he tries to kill Sumdac by melting him with his powers. The Autobots managed to foil his plot and was trapped in a force field.

After his first confrontation with Autobots, he discovers Dinobot Island and coerced the Dinobots through his acidic powers. Meltdown kidnaps Sumdac's daughter Sari and tries to experiment with her like he did with two other people, one of them was Black's lawyer. The Dinobots turned on him and Black chose to go to jail rather than face their wrath. But he eventually escaped from his sentence.

In his last appearance, he was brought to Blackarachnia to cure her of the organic side. Meltdown seemingly agrees, but eventually betrays her and tries to destroy Blackarachnia's mechanical side. Optimus interferes and Meltdown was hit by an energy beam that melted him. Optimus thinks that Meltdown was gone for good but his body begins to reconstruct itself.


Prowl: Where is Sari? Why have you taken her?
Meltdown: My goal is quite simple really. After our last encounter, I've reasoned that if a machine can change form, why not a human?
Captain Fanzone: Let me get this straight? You want a transforming human?
Meltdown: Exactly, a person capable of taking on any shape or form at will. Sadly, my experiments to date have been less than successful. The one to the left used to be my lawyer. Luckily, I soon realized my error: adult test subjects. What I needed was a human who was still growing.
Prowl: Sari.
Meltdown: Who better than the daughter of my arch-rival, the bane of my existence, the simpering fool who is unworthy to lick the mud off the heels of my platform shoes—booga-looga-looga-looz—Professor Isaac Sumdac? Poetic, no?
Captain Fanzone: Poetic is not exactly the word that comes to mind. You are one seriously twisted fruitcake.
Meltdown: Flattery will get you nowhere captain. In a few hours, I will administer a formula that will turn young Sari into a shape-changing wonder, or if things go wrong, into one of them.
~ Meltdown's conversation with Prowl and Captain Fanzone.



  • Prometheus Black, along with Nanosec and other human villains in the series, so far are human antagonists of the Transformers franchise that possesses powers and abilities that enable them to directly fight Cybertronians both directly and personally. Silas is also included, though this only after he bonded with Breakdown's body.
  • Prometheus Black shares similarities with The Powerpuff Girls villain Dick Hardly; both are college educated in bio-engineering, have blonde hair, a fierce rivalry with the protagonist's father, a disturbed obsession with their goals, both turn into mutants as the result of a freak lab accident, are willing to murder anyone who gets in their way and have no moral standards to speak of.

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