Pronyma is a member of the Five Grand Cardinals and an antagonist in the 2003 video game Tales of Symphonia and its anime adaptation.

She was voiced by Yuki Makishima in Japanese and English Dubbed by Masasa Moyo.


Video Game

She was often seen or mentioned in several places. After Colette became soulless, Pronyma was ordered by Yggdrasill to keep an eye on Kratos to make sure he doesn't help the heroes behind his back. Shortly afterwards, she was ordered to capture the chosen in the Fooji Mountains. She attempted to remove the key crest, but it triggered Colette into having her soul back, thus rejecting her because it was a birthday present from Lloyd. Pronyma attempted to take Colette again, but she knocked her away and freed her friends. She fights them, but failed and departed with Kratos.

Throughout the rest of the story, Pronyma was still watching over Kratos while contacting Zelos Wilder, a triple-agent. She encountered Rodyle and ruined his plans about destroying the Tower of Salvation by giving him a Cruxis Crystal and claiming that she will control the Mana Cannon. When the heroes were captured and brought to Derris-Kharlan, Pronyma enters the moment Genis used a fireball to hurt Yggdrasill. Furious by this, she tries to use a fatal spell to kill Genis, but Mithos took the blow instead and survived. At Altessa's house, Pronyma appears when Mithos was struck by Lloyd. She claimed that his wounds have not yet healed and that she, Mithos, and Kratos retreated.

At the Tower of Salvation, Pronyma takes Colette and she and Yggdrasill put her in a machine that transports his soul into her body. As the heroes appeared to save Colette, she fights them once more. After losing, she begged Mithos Yggdrasill for help, but was killed off by him instead.


In the manga, Pronyma has a smaller role. She was firs seen killing Rodyle after Kvar's death and getting the mission to spy on Kratos and taking Colette to the Tower of Salvation. Her final moments were slightly different; Pronyma tried to use a killing spell on Lloyd of her own will, which made Mithos Yggdrasill furious, as she could've hurt Martel. Like the events in the game, she was killed by Yggdrasill.


She only made two appearances in Tales of Symphonia: The Animation. At the end of the third episode, she and Rodyle witnessed the Asgard Human Ranch being destroyed. Pronyma stated that it was a pity that Forcystus, Magnius, and Kvar were killed by humans. She was seen at the end of the forth episode tith Rodyle, Kratos, and Yggdrasill. During a trailer for the Tethe'alla arc, she was seen talking to Zelos behind Lloyd's back.

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