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The Prophet of Conviction was a representative of the Covenant High Council who was sent to Kholo in 2539 to oversee it's destruction.


Stationed to burn a Covenant religious symbol on the surface of the planet as a symbol of the Covenant's ship becoming the Prophet's permanant home and mobile command post, the fleet carrying out Conviction's bidding throughout the rest of the war.

Since the Sangheili are high up in the Covenant; even Elite Minors are higher than the highest-ranking Grunts, Jackals and Drones. They are roughly equivalent to UNSC Marine Sergeants. When a Minor is killed, his subordinates will flee from their enemy. When a Minor is neither promoted nor killed during their first campaign, they will commit suicide to regain their lost honor.The Elites dragged him before the crew in a public execution, after showing them the images of the Brute's treachery. Upon seeing the Prophet awaken and terrified of being surroundered by angry Elites, the Shipmaster crushed his neck, thus killing the Prophet of Conviction.

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