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Halo! It's divine wind will rush through the stars, propelling all who are worthy upon the path of salvation.
~ Prophet of Mercy

Hod Rumnt, better known as the High Prophet of Mercy, was one of the three Prophet Hierarchs who led the Covenant Empire (the others being the Prophet of Truth and the Prophet of Regret) and a major antagonist in the original Halo trilogy, appearing as a major antagonist in Halo 2.



Mercy was originally a philologist and a councilor. He was present along with the Vice-Minister of Tranquility and Minister of Fortitude when the "Oracle" 032 Mendicant Bias revealed that humanity was in fact the true Reclaimers chosen by the Forerunners, making the religion of the Covenant false. The Philogist thus agreed with the Ministers to keep the secret from getting out, as it being revealed would trigger the collapse of the Covenant and overthrow of the Prophets.

The Philogist later became one of the three Prophet Hierarchs after the Vice-Minister of Tranquility blackmailed the previous three into resigning. The Philogist thus became the Prophet of Mercy and was the eldest of the three newly appointed Prophets. Mercy and his fellow Prophets would later have the Covenant go to war with humanity in order to keep the secret of the Reclaimers covered up.

Halo 2

The Arbiter

The tasks you must undertake as the arbiter are perilous, suicidal! You will die, as each Arbiter has before you! The Council will have their corpse
~ The Prophet of Mercy to Thel 'Vadamee as he becomes the latest Arbiter, Halo 2

Alongside his fellow Hierarchs, Mercy was present at the trial of Thel 'Vadamee, the Supreme Commander of The Fleet of Particular Justice, the fleet responsible for both the Fall of Reach and the failed protection of Halo Installation 04. The Prophet of Mercy served as one of the chief investigators, plying the Sangheili with questions in order to discover why Installation 04 had been destroyed. Even though Thel answered all of these questions truthfully, the trial was a farce and his fate had long since been determined. Mercy watched on silently as Thel was stripped of his name, title and rank, branded with the mark of shame and sentenced to death.

However, Truth and Mercy interceded on 'Vadamee's behalf. Despite his monumental failure, the Sangheili was still a great warrior and therefore a power asset, one that still had some use to the hierarchs. As such, they had him brought to the Mausoleum of the Arbiter. There, after speaking in reverence about the warriors past (referring to events like the taming of the Hunters and the Grunt Rebellion) alongside the treachery of Sesa 'Refumee, Mercy and his younger counterpart offered the disgraced Sangheili a proposition. They would prevent his execution by promoting him to the rank of Arbiter, the Blade of the Prophets. As Mercy pointed out, this was still a death sentence, albeit an indirect one and opportunity for Thel to redeem himself in the eyes of the Covenant.

Accepting the offer, Thel journeyed to the planet of Threshold to kill the traitor Sesa 'Refumee. Despite the Prophet's expectations, Thel not only survived, he carried out his mission and more importantly, he recovered a sacred object, the Oracle/Monitor 343 Guilty Spark. With the mission successful, Vadamee returned to High Charity, where he and Mercy accompanied the rest of the fleet to Halo Installation 05.

Changing of the Guard and Betraying the Arbiter

Whilst en-route to Delta Halo, Truth and Mercy were contacted by their fellow hierarch, the Prophet of Regret. Having launched a preemptive strike on the human home world of Earth, Regret had been forced to retreat to Delta halo and was now begging his fellow prophets for both help and mercy. Graciously, Mercy interceded on Regret's behalf, managing to persuade Truth not to have Regret publicly shamed like 'Vadamee had been. Even so, he did not object when Truth ordered the withdrawal of the rescue phantoms, leaving the youngest of the High Prophets to die at the hands of Spartan 117 aka the Master Chief. He likewise offered no objection when Truth used this incident to incite the changing of the guards, replacing the Sangheili with the Jiralhanae.

Instead, he and Truth met with the Arbiter where, following some religious sentiment, Truth and Mercy charged their elite warrior with another mission. Having interrogated the monitor 343 Guilty Spark, the two surviving hierarchs had come to learn about Halo's activation index or as they referred to it "the sacred icon". They dispatched Thel to the Library in order to retrieve this icon, which they then claimed would allow the Covenant to begin the Great Journey.

Doing as instructed, Thel journeyed to the surface. With the aid of Tartarus, some Covenant soldiers, Rtas 'Vadumee and his spec ops elites, the Arbiter managed to fight his way through endless numbers of sentinels and Flood forms. Upon recovering the index from Sergeant Avery Johnson and Commander Miranda Keyes however, 'Vadamee was betrayed by Tartarus who, acting upon Truth and Mercy's instructions, "executed" the Arbiter, thus dividing the Covenant forever.

The Great Schism and Death

Let him be. The Great Journey waits for no-one brother. Not even you.
~ The Prophet of Truth abandons Mercy, Halo 2

When Tartarus returned to High Charity with the activation index, the Covenant at large celebrated. Truth and Mercy organised a public speech, which was broadcast throughout space station. In it Truth declared that the age old prophecy was about to be fulfilled and that nothing could stop the Covenant now. It was at that moment that John 117 appeared in the throne room, having been teleported there by the Gravemind. Thanks to the intervention of their bodyguards, Truth and Mercy were able to escape.

As the two hierarchs made their way through the city, a civil war began amongst the Covenant. Later referred to as the Great Schism, Tartarus and his Brute's with the full backing of the hierarchs, started massacring the Elite's in order to remove them from their high standing positions. Refusing to go down quietly, the Sangheili rebelled against their would be slaughters. Surprisingly, despite Truth's pleas, many of the Grunts and Hunter's who had previously experienced the wrath of the Elite's, joined the Sangheili in their rebellion.

Mercy was not concerned by this. Along with Truth, he made his way towards a waiting phantom, accompanied by his honor guards. The two hierarchs planned to board the Forerunner Dreadnaught at the heart of High Charity, which would then take them to Earth. From there, the pair would proceed to the Ark, which they would then use to activate every remaining Halo Installation.

Moments after reaching the platform however, the leaders of the Covenant were attacked by a swarm of flood infection forms. Although Tartarus and the Honor Guards managed to kill the majority of the parasites, one infection form leapt over the Fist of Rukt and made straight for Mercy. Knocking the elderly hierarch off his chair, the infection form latched onto Mercy's neck and began to infect him. As Mercy tried to fight the bug off, Tartarus came to his side and made to pull the infection form out. However, the Prophet of Truth stopped him!

Seizing the opportunity to take full control of the Covenant, Truth ordered the Jiralhanae not to save Mercy. Turning to his dying ally, Truth contemptibly his former ally that their mission waited for nobody, not even him. With that Truth and the Jiralhanae abandoned Mercy to his fate.

The Master Chief arrived just in time to see Truth and the others depart. Moving forwards, the human soon found Mercy still being attacked by the flood infection form. John asked Mercy where Truth was going to which Mercy, perhaps desiring revenge told him that Truth was going to the Planet Earth to finish what they started. In a display of utter contempt for humanity, Mercy spitefully added that this time, none of the humans would be left behind. Provoked, John bent over the dying San Shyuum and violently ripped the infection form from Mercy's neck.

Having been partially infected and with his windpipe damaged, The Prophet of Mercy died instantly. He was the second Hierarch to perish at the hands of John 117, and the only one that was arguably granted a mercy killing. His body was left behind and would be consumed by the Flood.


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