Halo! It's divine wind will rush through the stars, propelling all who are worthy upon the path of salvation
~ Prophet of Mercy

The High Prophet of Mercy was one of the three Prophet Hierarchs who led the Covenant Empire (the others being the Prophet of Truth and the Prophet of Regret). Mercy, along with Truth and Regret, is one of the main antagonists of the Halo trilogy. He was the eldest of the three and was originally a Philologist and a Councilor. He is a supporting antagonist in Halo 2.


When the Great Schism, Mercy along with Truth and the Brutes made their way to the Phantoms on High Charity. The Flood suddenly attacked them and one attacked Mercy, Tartarus was ordered by Truth to not save Mercy because he wanted to become the ruler of the entire Covenant Empire. After following the order and abandoning Mercy.

In that moment, Master Chief found him still being attacked by the flood just when Truth and his followers escaped. John asks to Mercy where is Truth going and Mercy tells him that Truth is going to the Planet Earth to finish what they started with the addition of none of humans will be left behind. John then removes the Flood of him and The Prophet of Mercy dies.

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