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Every member of the Covenant shall walk the path. None will be left behind when our Great Journey begins. That is the Prophets age-old promise and it shall be fulfilled!
~ Prophet of Regret.

The High Prophet of Regret, born Lod Mron, is one of the three Hierarchs of the Covenant Empire and appears as the youngest of the three. He is a major antagonist in the original Halo trilogy, appearing as a major antagonist in Halo 2, serving as the central antagonist of the first half of Master Chief's campaign of the game, and also the secondary antagonist of Halo Wars.

He was voiced by Robin Atkin Downes, who also portrayed Mumm-Ra in the rebooted ThunderCats series, Falcon Graves in the rebooted DuckTales series, Medic in Team Fortress 2, Broseph Chillaxton in Regular Show, Deathstroke in Beware the Batman, and the Riddler in Batman: The Enemy Within, Doomsday in the DC Extended Universe, and Lachlan McDermott in Criminal Minds.



As the Vice-Minister of Tranquility, Lod Mron was one of the three present alongside the Minister of Fortitude and the Philogist when the Forerunner AI Mendicant Bias revealed that humanity were in fact the ones intended by the Forerunners to be the true Reclaimers, meaning that the most basic tenant of the Covenant religion was false. The Vice-Minister thus agreed with his two cohorts to keep this secret covered up from the rest of the Covenant as revealed it would likely cause revolt and for the Prophets to be deposed.

Later, Lod Mron uncovered evidence that the Prophet of Restraint broke the Prophets' sacred vow and fathered two children, blackmailed him and the other Prophet Hierarchs at the time into stepping down and appointing himself, the Minister of Fortitude and the Philogist as their successors as the new Hierarchs.

Halo Wars

He along with Arbiter Ripa 'Moramee went to Harvest and intended on reviving a Forerunner fleet at the Apex. UNSC forces intended on assaulting the Apex where Regret and Ripa was located as well as the fleet, so the Arbiter had the Prophet moved to High Charity and he along with the Honor Guards stay to fight the humans, but were all killed.

Halo 2

He led Covenant forces in attacking Earth and stayed on board a Covenant Assault Carrier. After the Scarab in Mombasa was destroyed by John 117, Regret along with his forces retreated from Earth and arrived at Installation 05, planning to activate the Halo Array. The Prophet was later confronted by John 117 and ordered his guards to kill him but failed, as well as trying to defend himself but Regret was killed by the Spartan. His murder was one of the first stages of the Prophet of Truth's plan to replace the Elites with the Brutes, claiming that the Elites can longer protect the Prophets since that Regret's protectors failed.


Halo 2

Noble Prophet of Truth, this has gone on long enough....make an example of this bungler, the Council demands it.
~ To the Prophet of Truth for allowing the trial to be prolonged
In a gesture of peace and reconciliation, the Prophets promised to find the means of the Forerunner's transcendence, and to share this knowledge with the Elites. The Elites promised to defend the Prophets as they searched. A simple arrangement that has become our binding Covenant.
~ Regret's hologram on Delta Halo
I shall light this holy ring...release its cleansing flame...and burn a path into the divine beyond.
~ Regret's hologram at the start of Regret
Most of those we encountered on our search were compelled to join our union, to take part in a movement that promised freedom for allegiance, salvation for service. But the Humans, chose to impede our progress, block our access to sacred sites, damage holy relics. For their transgressions, the Humans shall be hunted, until none remain alive.
~ Regret's hologram on Regret
Every member of the Covenant shall walk the path. None will be left behind when our Great Journey begins. That is the Prophets age-old promise, and it shall be fulfilled!
~ Regret's hologram
And I am the Prophet of Regret...council most high...Hierarch of the Covenant.
~ Regret's flood form
Stay where you are. Nothing can be done until my sermon is complete.
~ Regret's flood form arguing with Penitent Tangent.
Of all the objects our lords left behind, there are none so, WORTHLESS as these ORACLES! They know NOTHING of the Great Journey!
~ Flood Regret to Arbiter and John 117 about Penitent Tangent's remark about firing Halo

Halo 2 during Battle

Human filth! You dare to befoul this holy place?
~ to Master Chief
Your very existence offends me Demon!
~ to Master Chief
Incompents! I'll kill it myself!"-If his Honor Guards fail to kill the player
Guards! Remove this vermin from my sight!
~ If the player approaches Regret
Warriors! Attack! The Demon must die!
~ If he sees the player
You dare to interrupt my sermon!
~ As the player enters his chambers the Humans greatest warrior? Ha ha ha ha ha ha!
~ If the player remains hidden
The Great Journey will not be postponed!
~ During battle
Forerunners be praised!
~ During battle
The Demon is no more!
~ If Regret kills the player
If you something done right...Hum, ha, ha.
~ If Regret kills the player
So it is written, so it is done!
~ If Regret kills the player
You shall not hide from me, Demon!
~ If the player remains hidden
Perhaps you underestimated me? No?
~ If the player remains hidden

Halo Wars (Cutscenes)

No matter. The information you have gathered here is most appetizing.
~ To the Arbiter when he explains that the humans are heading to the Forerunner relic
However, we must protect what we have learned here. Set the charges and destroy this place.
~ Ordering the Arbiter to destroy the Forerunner relic
The Journey requires sacrifice! Set the charges. Return to us! Our patience is not infinite!
~ When the Arbiter objects to the relic's destruction
Arbiter, you are unusually quiet. What troubles occupy your thoughts?
~ To the Arbiter at The Apex installation
A most noble cause for one with such a troubled past.
~ To the Arbiter when confronted about his assignment to destroy Humanity
The war with the humans will require a great deal many more machines than we can currently muster.
~ When asked by the Arbiter why his missions involved searching through Forerunner temples and structures
And leave us defenseless. No. The Ancients will provide for us.
~ When the Arbiter states that he will take the forces currently under his command to destroy the Humans
This world shall be the birthplace for an invasion fleet beyond imagining. Enough to crush the humans quickly and with ease.
~ stating that he will use the ships within the Apex to destroy the humans without having to use any of his own forces
Blasphemy! The key will be found with patience...but perhaps there is a quicker way. The human female from the ice relic. She has some knowledge of this regard. The new planet the relic has led us to has also led her. Capture that human and bring her here.
~ Giving the Arbiter the task of capturing Ellen Anders and bring her to the Apex.
This is her?
~ Asking Arbiter if the captured human is Anders
Such a frail thing. You would hardly think them a threat.
~ Talking about Human physical weaknesses


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