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Villain Overview

Our team...! We're nothing like those fools trying to pick up girls on the street or partying at the club. Those pathetic losers just scream and shout, "I'll kill you! I'll kill you!" just to soothe their wounded egos. When we truly think "I'll kill you!" from the bottom of our hearts... by that time, the deed has already been done!
~ Prosciutto on La Squadra Esecuzioni.
Listen up! The reason why I'm mad is because you're so weak-minded, Pesci! Of course, they did blast away your ice, so you were in shock. This is aging me, too, so it's bad news. But if we were any other guy from our team, they wouldn't have their Stand go away when they were that close to finishing off an enemy! Even if they lost an arm or a leg! You're a damn mammoni, Pesci. You freaked out. You are such a baby. It's not because of the ice. You're actually scared deep inside your heart. Grow up, Pesci.
~ Prosciutto ranting towards Pesci about his weakness.

Prosciutto is a minor antagonist in JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: Golden Wind. He is an assassin from La Squadra Esecuzioni, an elite squad apart of the gang Passione that defected, and was partnered up with fellow squad mate Pesci. Prosiutto wields the Stand known as The Grateful Dead.

In Japanese, he was voiced by Takayasu Usui in the PS2 game adaptation of JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: Golden Wind, Takuma Terashima in JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: All Star Battle and JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: Eyes of Heaven, and Tatsuhisa Suzuki in the anime. In English, he was voiced by Bill Millsap (who also voiced Gyro Gyro) in the anime.


JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: Golden Wind

Prosciutto and Pesci were sent by Risotto Nero to intercept Bruno Bucciarati and his group at the Naples Train Station, so that La Squadra could find out their boss' true identity. Although they were unable to locate them at the station, they did spot Bucciarati's group board the nearby train for Florence and proceeded to hijack it.

Once aboard the train, Prosciutto and Pesci lose track of the Bucciarati group because of their newly acquired turtle stand. In order to lure them out into the open, Prosciutto activated his stand, The Grateful Dead, and caused everyone on the train, including himself, to begin to age rapidly. Taking advantage of his apparent old age and blending in with the rest of the aged passengers, he was able to ambush Guido Mista and save his partner from certain death. With Mista seemingly disposed of, Buccellati has no choice but to confront Prosciutto.

After a lengthy fight with Buccellati, Prosciutto gets knocked out of train and wedged in between its wheels. Initially, Buccellati believes Prosciutto to be dead until he releases that the aging effects of The Grateful Dead are still ongoing, as Prosciutto barely hangs on to life with the last amount of his energy. Ultimately, he finally loses the will to live upon witnessing Pesci die to the hands of Buccellati.

In Risotto Nero's flashback in the fight against Doppio, Prosciutto and another La Squadra member went to Donatella Una's house in search for Trish.

Jorge Joestar



Prosciutto is of a slim yet built physique, with blond hair styled into a slicked-back design with three braids on the back and blue eyes. Prosciutto also has large eyelashes, and fairly pronounced teeth. For clothing, Prosciutto wears a blackish purple suit with a web-like design over a yellow open-chested shirt, a black choker, and a large bronze necklace.


Prosciutto demonstrating his ruthlessness.

Prosciutto's actions while aboard the train to Florence show him being both cold and ruthless to those aboard the train. He doesn't have a second thought about activating The Grateful Dead, putting a train-full of civilians into danger and in some cases killing, and almost succeeds in executing Mista with three bullets to the side of his skull.

Prosciutto also revealed that he has a high amount of willpower during his and Pesci's attempt to kidnap Trish. These were highlighted by his willingness to put himself under the effects of The Grateful Dead and still retain his same mental state, as well as his determination to keep his stand's effect active while being crushed by the train's wheels.

It is shown by his interactions with Pesci that he honestly does care for his partner and has a brotherly relationship with him, as Pesci always refers to Prosciutto to as "big brother". He is also seen belittling Pesci whenever Pesci screws up or begins to doubt himself, but he always tells Pesci that he criticizes him because he wants Pesci to gain more confidence in himself and fully realize his true potential, for Prosciutto is aware that if Pesci were able to unlock his true potential he would be stronger himself.

Powers and Abilities

The Grateful Dead

Prosciutto possesses the stand The Grateful Dead, which gives him the ability to cause rapid aging of all living things, both physically and mentally. The exact range of The Grateful Dead's powers is unknown but it is enough to affect an entire train-full of people. Prosciutto can also use the differences in body temperatures of males and females to accelerate or slow down the aging process, in the case presented in Vento Aureo he was targeting a female so a cooler body temperature would slow down the aging process. This also proves to be a weakness of his stand if his targets learn about this factor as Bucciarati and Mista took advantage of it by constantly keeping ice on them.


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