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~ The Protein Monster

The Protein Monster is a major antagonist in the Sweet Home webtoon and its movie adaptation. It is a brutish monster that harms/kills anybody in it's path.


The Protein Monster is very brutish, violent and almost always smiling while doing so. It only seems to care about gaining muscle mass seemingly by eating people (or even other monsters.) It is unintelligent, like many monsters, and almost always only mutters "Protein.". However, it is still capable of understanding insults as it will go on a rampage if someone calls it weak. It wills also attack anyone who hurts it, even another monster. In the webtoon, it recognizes a sword that a man used to stab him previously and claims it hurts.


The Protein Monster is a bulky humanoid with an unusually flat face and white skin. In the webtoon, it has no teeth or eyes. It eventually gets stronger and gains red skin.

Powers and Abilities

The Protein Monster is capable of extreme physical strength and durability. It is however, weak to fire, like other monsters. It also causes a signal jam and can regenerate like other monsters.


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