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The Prototype is an SCP documented by the SCP Foundation. Unlike other SCP's, it does not have a classification, this is because that at the time of this SCP's capture, the classification system was not put into place. Given the SCP's extremely violent nature with the ability to teleport, the Keter classification would fit best.

The Prototype is one of many proposals for SCP-001, given by Dr. Gears.


According to the SCP Foundation, reports of the creature first came from Guatemala. Onlookers originally reported seeing a "demon" looking ill, which was approached by four young boys. When the creature opened its mouth and revealed a single eye inside, the boys ran away and immediately contacted the authorities.

The creature would give off sounds explained as "horrible roaring" or "shrieks" from locals over several days. The creature's teleportation ability leaves behind very high radiation, which put twelve people in the hospital. Seven people also went missing during this time. The SCP Foundation began its efforts to capture the creature soon after these events.

During the SCP's containment, it killed many personnel, and a Dr. Hermann Keter. Because of this, the "Keter" classification came to exist.


The entity is exactly 6’5” tall at an average of 97lbs. The creature's age is unknown. It has grey-brown skin, with its single eye being a milky blue eye color; with no body hair whatsoever. The creature has a very emaciated body, with a bone structure unlike any known species. Its legs are long and thin, ending in sharp black points. Three fingers on each hand, also ending in black points. Its legs and arms are twice as long as its torso. It has no reproductive organs, anal orifice, ears, nose, or pores anywhere on the body.

The creature's head is spherical, and very large in proportion to the body, the neck appears too thin to support the head. Its mouth extends halfway around the head, and has no lips. Its mouth has twenty-one teeth, spaced randomly around the mouth; many appear broken, rotten, or chipped. The single eye is a large, ball-shaped, milky-blue sphere presumably kept in the head or throat. The eye appears to “roll” into the mouth when opened. There is no pupil or iris among the single eye.


The Prototype is an extremely hostile and destructive predatory creature. As mentioned before, the creature has a single strange eye in its mouth. When the mouth is open, the eye holds a power to creature singularities, which are essentially small black holes. These singularities are used for both the creature to teleport itself, and to attack its victims. As one would expect, its sharp claws are also used for attacking. The singularities cause extreme damage to anything near them, due to the pulling force of them.

The Prototype sees humans as a food source; and it's unknown to what degree the creature sees animals as a food source, if at all. The creature is explained to be omnivorous, but there are no specific reports to what else the creature feeds on aside from humans. If the weather is hot and humid, the creature will be greatly weakened. The creature's biggest weakness is flashing lights, and its unknown why this is.

When the creature is feeling ill in any way, primarily due to hot and humid weather, it cannot create singularities. The creature is kept in a lead-lined room with strobing floodlights, to keep it permanently immobilized.


The Prototype does not speak or communicate in any way, and only makes shrieking sounds. The SCP Foundation has directly tried communicating and reasoning with the creature to no avail. It makes hunting its only priority, and shows nothing of delay or remorse when killing its victims.

Any further reasoning into the creature's hostility and nature is unknown.


  • The article on The Prototype is written in a less organized and professional way compared to most other articles on SCP's. This is likely due to the fact that the article on The Prototype is meant to be a very early article within the SCP timeline, and the common formatting of said articles were not yet refined at this time.
    • The fact that the "Keter" classification was not yet introduced also adds weight to that theory.



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