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I've seen guys like Cheng before. High school quarterback... Marine Corps captain. He needs to be the top dog.
~ Jessica Jones describing Cheng.
I always deal with problems head on.
~ Cheng to Jessica Jones.

Pryce Cheng is a supporting antagonist in Season 2 of the Netflix series Marvel's Jessica Jones. He is an arrogant and bitter private investigator who is constantly attempting to prove himself better than his rival Jessica Jones.

He was portrayed by Terry Chen.


Before he became a private investigator in New York, Cheng was a captain in the United States Marine Corps before being discharged.

Pryce is a massive rival of Jessica Jones and is a rather arrogant and cocky man who views himself as superior to her. Jessica begins spying on him which he finds amusing viewing himself as winning his rivalry by being more successful with his clients. This changes however when one of his clients leaves him after Jessica finished a job that Pryce was supposed to do. Pryce then confronts Jessica refusing her exist from his office and makes several comments about her eventually getting Jessica so agitated with him that she is driven to brutally attack him, dislocating his shoulder and bruising his face badly.

An enraged Pryce decides to sue Jessica but after his attorney Jeri Hogarth decided to end his case after her diagnosis of ALS, Pryce, in a method of revenge, sends an agent to steal all of Jessica's investigating work. Seemingly successful, he celebrates over the phone before his agent is brutally murdered by Alisa Jones much to his anger and despair.

After Alisa Jones' death at the hands of Trish Walker, Pryce becomes associated with Jeri and Malcolm Ducasse, as they agreed that Jessica was not equipped for certain cases and would often decline some. He is never seen again after this.


Pryce is an overly cocky, arrogant, slightly misogynistic man who is a bitter rival of Jessica Jones and will stop at nothing until he undoes her. However, despite his flaws, he does, however, have some honorable qualities as he seems to somewhat care about his workers, clients and friends as he tried to shoot Alisa Jones for butchering one of his employees.


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