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Empowered Psych-Bot

The Psycho-Bot was a giant scorpion-like robot created by Viceroy to destroy the Ninja. Unlike Viceroy's other creations it was installed with a learning chip, meaning it could never fall for the same tactic twice, but also that it could learn emotions.


Attacking Norisville High, Randy took it on, although initially winning, the robot quickly learned his moves and developed counters for his attacks, meaning it became considerably more difficult to defeat. Getting the Ninja on the ropes, Randy only managed to stop it, by accidentally knocking the both of them off the top of the building.

However the Psycho-Bot survived and crawled away to a shed tp repair its self, by observing the other students it learned fear, despair and anger, this caused it gain a furious hatred for the Ninja making it more dangerous. Recovering it attacked again, this time armed with missiles it started destroying the school to draw the Ninja out. As Randy had accidentally mind whipped himself, Howard was forced to become the ninja and confront the Psycho-Bot. Being unskilled he defeated it by accident, and then proceed to humiliate the robot. In the process the robot learned humiliation, shame, and disgrace causing it to run off crying.

However as it now was overcome with emotions, that meant it could also fall victim to the Sorcerer's evil magic. Thus transforming it into an even more dangerous beast, which could now repair any damage instantly. It attacked and grabbed Howard dragging him to the Dam there learning revenge it planned to throw him off. Randy (having regained his memories) chased after it, managed to save Howard and took back his mask. Becoming the Ninja again, he took on the Psycho-Bot. Figuring it only had these emotions because of the chip in its head. He managed to cut it out and destroy it. The robot finally learned defeat. Afterwards Randy destroyed the robot once and for all by throwing it into the water.