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Villain Overview

What ails you?!
~ Psycho Dad's famous catchphrase in the series.
I failed you. I failed you as a father. I wish it would have been better. I should have never showed you those video games... look what it made you!
~ Psycho Dad's last words to Jesse before he died.

Psycho Dad (born November 17, 1962) is the main antagonist of the YouTube series, The Psycho Series and its sequel series, The Devil Inside Series and the central antagonist of the graphic novel Psycho-Kid vs. Psycho-Dad, the sequel to the Psycho Series. He was also revived by the Devil. He is the stubborn and hot-tempered father of Jesse and Jeffrey and arch-nemesis of Jesse.

He was portrayed by Jeffrey Ridgway Sr. himself.


Early life

Jeffrey Ridgway was born on November 17, 1962. His parents forced him and his brother Chris to work, and the brothers would often play sports outside because they would be kicked out of the house by their parents in the morning. His father also banned them from playing video games as seen below.

When he was 16 years old, Jeff sneaked into an arcade to play video games, but if he was caught by his father, he was usually spanked or beaten. While he was open to the idea of gaming, he only did it occasionally as a hobby with his family. Jeff embraced a hardworking lifestyle and at some point started his own landscaping company.

During his youth, Jeff met and married Theresa, and they had two sons named Jeffrey Jr. and Jesse Ridgway. Jeff Sr. wanted to mold his sons to be hardworking men. He pushed his older son Jeffrey to play sports when he was a kid, and, as he grew older, Jeff Sr. continued to push him to get a job. Jeffrey became an accountant, even though he says it "sucks" and that he would rather be a filmmaker like Jesse. While Jeffrey initially resented this treatment, he later reflected on his childhood in a more positive light and said that it taught him a lot. Jeff Sr. seems to favor Jeffrey, while Theresa seems to favor Jesse. This favoritism becomes a problem in many ways later.

It seems that while Jeff Sr. was very focused on pushing Jeffrey, he largely left Jesse alone, leading the latter to become very spoiled and entitled. While Jeffrey often helped his father with his business, Jesse laid back and generally refused to do so. Jeff Sr. is seen helping out with older videos; he was fine with the YouTube hobby that Jesse had because it was exactly that: a hobby. He didn't realize that Jesse would later try to turn that into a career. After Jesse graduated college, and seeing that Jeffrey was out working and being resourceful, Jeff Sr. turned his attention to pushing Jesse to get a job like his brother.

The Psycho Series

Jeff Sr. made his first appearance in Psycho Dad Destroys Xbox, coming home to see Jesse playing video games as Jeffrey Jr. records him. Jeff Sr. flipped out, taking Jesse's Xbox and throwing inside a fireplace, and lashes at Jesse as he starts crying and shouting back at his dad. After a while, there was no new release of Psycho Dad in a video until 2014, and the episode was titled Psycho Dad Axes Laptop. In the video, Jesse took Jeffrey's laptop and played the first episode of the Psycho series on it, and went outside and reviewed the series with Jeff Sr. Psycho Dad didn't like that the video was on YouTube, and that it gained massive popularity, angering him. Psycho Dad then released his rage by breaking the laptop with a nearby axe, and caused Jeffrey Jr. to chase Jesse down the street.

In August 2014, Psycho Dad stole Jesse's video games from his room and mowed them over as Jesse screamed in agony, because Jesse was just sitting in his room and not getting a job. In September 2014, Jesse destroyed his father's TV after Jeffrey Jr. confiscated Buzz Simkins's Game Boy SP. Psycho Dad continued to confront Jesse on his job for the next few episodes. Jeff Sr. ended up smashing Jesse's 100K playbutton, due to him and Jeffrey constantly fighting over it and yelling at each other.

Eventually, Jesse smashes his father's trophies and flips his grill as revenge for his broken playbutton. This leads Jeff Sr. to kick his son out of the house, and things go back to semi-normal for him. Jesse, meanwhile, starts living in a tent. When he learns that Jesse is using the family electricity, Jeff Sr. warns him not to do it again. Yet, Jesse decides to steal the electricity again, motivating his dad to run over Jesse's residence, Eagles Landing, with a tractor. Jesse then stays with his Uncle Larry. One day, Jeff Sr. comes over and breaks his DS. He had come home to find many of his other trophies destroyed, and he blames Jesse for it. Yet, Jeffrey Jr. had made a video proving that he was the one that did it. On May 1, 2015, Jeffrey Jr. takes his father's truck without permission, kidnaps Jesse in the RV and takes him back to their home, much to Jeff Sr.'s disapproval. Jesse showed Jeff Sr. the video of Jeffrey smashing their father's trophies, and Jeff Sr. responds by smashing Jeffrey's camera and allowing Jesse back in the house if he pays monthly rent and helps him at his landscaping business for free. This free labor, which Jesse resents, is quite unreasonable, and Jeff Sr. eventually relents and takes that requirement away.

Eventually, Jesse got his father to dig a hole in the woods with the backhoe, claiming he wanted to learn how to use it. Yet, Jesse actually wanted the hole dug so he could fill it with water and push his brother into it. When Jeff Sr. learns of his son's manipulative actions, he kicks in the door to his room, swipes his shelves and knocks down his posters, then kicks him out of the house. This time, however, the rest of the family convinced Jeff Sr. to give Jesse a second chance as long as he pays rents and obeys the new rule regarding him not having a door. When he finds out about Jesse's motorcycle prank, Jeff Sr. disapproves of the way Jesse ruined it, and he orders Jesse to get it out of the hole.

Jesse desires to move out of the house, and Jeff Sr. allows him to build a room in the Morton Building to stay in. However, Jesse ends up mostly going there to game, rather than to live. Jeff Sr. slowly loses trust in his son, and eventually installs security cameras in his bedroom and gaming room (though he takes them down later). Jeff Sr. also installs cameras all around his house, presumably because strange people (fans of Jesse) like to come around the property a lot. Thus, he gets more and more paranoid and protective, and Jesse lying to him repeatedly does not help.

Over time, Jeff Sr.'s wife Theresa began to side more and more with Jesse against her husband. Even if Jesse blatantly lies to his father, Theresa often still backs him and defends him against his dad. She even goes behind her husband's back and buys her son videogame consoles (even when he burns the Christmas tree) despite Jeff Sr.'s strong opinions about their son's gaming. Jeff Sr.'s destructive tendencies, as well as his unwillingness to listen to her, also push Theresa over the edge and eventually their marriage becomes strained. Even though Theresa gets very angry with Jesse for lying to her about how he smashed a bottle over Jeffrey Jr.'s head, she decides to tell her husband what happened, and after Jeff Sr. gets angry and destroys Jesse's items in his gaming room, she decides in the end to defend Jesse, claiming that her husband is taking things too far, and she calls for a divorce before driving off.

After the divorce, Jeff Sr. tries to win Theresa back several times, but his temper works against him. He even goes as far as to damage the shop she and Larry owned after she rejected his offer to get back together and destroying Aunt Melissa's Christmas decorations and throwing her into the Christmas tree (even though she got in his face and jumped on his back). He obsessively tries to call and text Theresa to find out how she is doing, because she doesn't tell him anything. Eventually, she agrees to talk with him, and tells him that she is done. Jeff Sr. grows to resent her, getting angry with the way she treats Jesse after she kicks him out of Aunt Jackie's house (which the latter had helped fix up).

Jeff Sr. takes $30,000 from Jesse, and locks it in his gun safe. He takes it because his son has been filming him and making money off him, without his permission or a contract. Jesse on the other hand sees red and wants his money back, and this is a constant focus for the rest of the series. The two fight over this money repeatedly and argue their points, but in the end, Jeff Sr. keeps and uses most of the money before Jesse gets his hands on it again.

Jeff Sr. gets more and more controlling of Jesse after this, trying to find a way to trust his son. Jesse lies to his father constantly, and thus Jeff Sr. thinks that the only way to trust his son is to control every aspect of his life and to push him to get a job, through breaking his possessions. Jesse, in turn, breaks his father's possessions and continually talks badly behind his back and on the internet. We see a reasonable side to Jeff Sr. during an episode where Jesse pranks him. Jesse lies to his father and says that he got a job as a "drywall finisher" in Philly, and Jeff Sr. is obviously proud of his son, even hugging him and telling him how good it is that he's putting effort in. He obviously gets angry when he finds out that it was a lie, and destroys more of his sons' games, but we can see from this that if Jesse simply tried to comply with his father a little bit, it could go a long way.

Through Jeff Sr.'s pushing, Jesse tries to find a job, but can't hold down anything due to his immature behavior, clumsiness, laziness, and disrespect of his bosses. Eventually, Jeff Sr. forces Jesse to get a job on a farm with the former's brother, Chris Ridgway, who is in many ways harsher than Jeff Sr. Chris and Jesse get along better overtime, but eventually Jesse decides the farm life isn't for him. Jeff Sr. eventually bans Jesse's girlfriend from coming to his house, because he thinks Jesse taking off work (a week after he started) to see her is unacceptable. Even Uncle Chris disapproves of this move by Jeff Sr. Jesse's boss at the farm is very kind to him and even offers to let him move in with their family, which Jesse refuses for some reason. After Jesse decides to quit the farm job, Jeff Sr. destroys his gaming room with the backhoe while Jesse and Corn are inside, which was probably the worst thing that he did as it put their lives in danger. Jesse then runs away from home (after smashing his dad's TV), and takes his uncle's RV to the Stahlberger residence without their permission (he asks their son Georgie). He stays there for awhile, though Melissa Stahlberger makes it pretty clear that she doesn't want him living there, as he steals food from their house and runs a loud generator at night. Through this, she ends up calling Jeff Sr. to get his son off her property. Jeff Sr. comes and tears apart Larry's trailer in a fit of rage, and then goes to Larry's house to bring Jesse home after a heated argument.

After Jesse again lies to his father about going to see his girlfriend, Jeff Sr. clears out the items in his son's room, telling him that he has to earn them back. Jeff Sr. then finds out that his son has put up a video of his divorce and other freakouts. While Jeff Sr. already knew that his son was uploading, he didn't know that he had gone this far, and he gets furious. Jesse initially blames Corn, and Jeff Sr. kicks Corn out. Jesse eventually admits that he uploaded the videos, and Jeff Sr. angrily tells his son that he is not to film in the house anymore, save in a small room downstairs. Jesse, who has options to move out but doesn't anyway, instead goes insane in the room, and decides to get his 30,000 dollars back under gunpoint from his father. Jesse then shoots his father, takes the money, and flees to Switzerland.


Jeff Ridgway Sr. is the husband of Theresa Ridgway, and the father of Jeffrey Ridgway Jr. (usually called Jeffrey or J.T.) and Jesse Ridgway. He owns a landscaping business, Ridgway's Lawn Service. He is an outdoorsy person who enjoys working in the yard, golfing, camping, fishing, hunting, etc. We see him many times camping with his friends. Jeff Sr. is also a very stubborn and strict person who prefers control over his own house, and who dislikes it when his sons or his wife go behind his back or do things without his permission. He has a destructive temper, and in many cases he breaks items around him in fits of rage. While he has no problem breaking stuff, he usually avoids harming people physically, with the exception of the time he demolished the gaming room while Jesse and Corn were inside. He and his son often have shouting matches, and their violent tempers constantly clash. He gets controlling of his wife sometimes as well, which, among other things, ultimately leads her to divorce him. Jeff Sr. dislikes it when people disrespect him; he does not appreciate being called "Psycho Dad" by Jesse or his fans, and he hates that Jesse portrays him in a derogatory way online. This leads him to take $30,000 from his son under the pretense that Jesse had not given him a cut of the money he made from posting videos of his father online, or even so much as a contract.

Jeff Sr. hates the way Jeffrey and Jesse prank each other and mess with each other all the time. He repeatedly complains about this and asks them to give him a break. Usually he tries to keep out of the drama between the two of them, unless one of the sons manipulates him and gets him involved, in which case he will flip out and break something. Examples are Psycho Dad Busts Down Door and DEADBOLT DAD!. When Jeff Sr.'s sons avoid causing drama and do what he says, he has a calm and relaxed personality.

Jeff Sr. appreciates hard, physical work, or really any job that takes someone out of their room and into the world. He does not understand YouTube, and he sees gaming as a waste of time. He and Jesse argue about this constantly, and Jeff Sr. usually focuses on destroying his son's games or gaming equipment. Jeff Sr. tells Jesse that as long as he lives under his roof, he would prefer him to have a "real" job. Jesse generally refuses until forced, leading to conflict, due to his lack of respect for his father. Jeff Sr. thinks that Jesse will go nowhere with his dreams, and thus pushes him to get a job that he respects. While Jeff Sr.'s actions are often questionable, many times he is overreacting to purposeful provocation by Jesse.

Jeff Sr., while he does contradict himself a few times, is generally straight up with his family and has a huge problem with lying in general. He hates it especially when Jesse lies to him, which happens a lot, and he reacts more and more extremely over time. His response to the lies is to be in control and monitor everything. Thus, he sets up security cameras to watch Jesse, tries to force him to get a job (and check on him when he is at the job), puts a tracker on Jesse's car, etc. Instead of throwing his son out of the house for good, Jeff Sr. resorts to these means. Jesse has opportunities to move out, but he keeps returning home for some reason, and keeps lying to his father, going behind his back, and being manipulative. Jeff Sr. does not appreciate the way his son Jesse trashes him online, and he sees his son's laziness as a huge problem.

Jeff Sr. gets along well with his son Jeffrey. This is because Jeffrey is out working, and generally does what his father says while living under his roof. Though Jeff Sr. often complains about Jeffrey pranking his brother, and breaks his camera and PS4 controller once respectively, Jeff Sr. otherwise rarely argues with his older son. He many times defends Jeffrey, or at least speaks for him, even when Jeffrey's actions are quite questionable.

Many times, Jeff Sr. disrespects other people's personal property, despite holding to his positions that Jesse disrespects him. Some examples:

  • He destroys Larry's trailer and shows up to his house many times uninvited.
  • He flips a TV off the shelf in Larry's RV.
  • He shows up to the Stahlberger house uninvited and gets into a fight with Melissa, throwing her into a Christmas tree after she jumps on his back. (Even though George Stahlberger later defends Jeff's actions, saying that Melissa was in his face too much).
  • He flips tables and breaks items in Larry and Theresa's store after Theresa refuses to go back home.
  • He throws a Nintendo outside at Aunt Jackie's property, where Jesse is planning to live, even though Jeff Sr. has no authority to do so.
  • He throws a console into a sound in North Carolina, because he believes that Jesse is gaming too much on vacation.

When Jesse points a gun at him, Jeff Sr. blames videogames for his son's problems, instead of Jesse himself or his own actions.

Jeff Sr. does not like that Jesse films constantly (he complains about Jeffrey filming as well). Jeff Sr. doesn't want all his family dirty laundry out on the internet, and constantly complains about everything being filmed. However, despite his verbal complaints, Jeff Sr. is somewhat tolerant and usually allows his son to film most of the time. He rarely forces his son to stop filming or kicks Corn out until the series is wrapping up. The only time he forces the camera off is when his side of the family, which doesn't like the camera, is involved. Even though Jeff Sr. allows Jesse to film in his house for a long time, Jesse abuses his father's tolerance by filming at inappropriate times, portraying him badly online, and selling merchandise to mock or berate his father. Instead of just forcing the camera off, Jeff Sr. lets it upset him more and more over time, finally forcing Jesse to film in only the small storage room in the basement.


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