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Villain Overview

What ails you?!
~ Psycho Dad's famous catchphrase in the series.
I failed you. I failed you as a father. I wish it would have been better. I should have never showed you those video games... look what it made you!
~ Psycho Dad's last words to Jesse before he died.

Psycho Dad (born November 17, 1962) is the main antagonist of the YouTube series, The Psycho Series and its sequel series, The Devil Inside Series and the central antagonist of the graphic novel Psycho-Kid vs. Psycho-Dad, the sequel to the Psycho Series. He was also revived by the Devil. He is the abusive father of Jesse and Jeffrey and arch-nemesis of Jesse.

He was portrayed by Jeffrey Ridgway Sr. himself.


Early life

Jeffrey Ridgway was born on November 17, 1962, and had an abusive childhood because of his father. His father forced him and his brother Chris to work, and they would often play sports outside because they would be kicked out of the house in the morning. His father also banned them from playing video games as seen below.

When he was 16 years old, Jeff sneaked into an arcade to play video games, but one day was caught by his father. His father punished him with physical violence, and strongly disapproved of Jeff playing video games, which would influence his own parenting toward his two sons.

During his youth, Jeff met and married Theresa, and they had two sons named Jeffrey Jr. and Jesse Ridgway. Jeff Sr. wanted to mold his sons to be like him, and became abusive towards them throughout the series. He started verbally abusing Jefferey by forcing him to learn the stuff he expected him to learn. Once J.T. became the son he wanted, Jeff Sr. eventfully started trying to push his views on Jesse, resulting in the events of the series.

The Series

Jeff Sr. made his first appearance in Psycho Dad Destroys Xbox, coming home to see Jesse playing video games as Jeff Jr. records him. Psycho Dad flipped out, taking Jesse's Xbox and throwing inside a fireplace, and lashes at Jesse as he starts crying. After a while, there was now new release of Psycho Dad in a video until 2014, and the episode was titled Psycho Dad Axes Laptop.

In the video, Jesse took Jeffrey's laptop and played the first episode of the Psycho series on it, and went outside and reviewed the series with Jeff Sr. Psycho Dad didn't like that the video was on YouTube, and that it gained massive popularity, angering him. Psycho Dad then released his rage by breaking the laptop with a nearby axe, and caused Jeffrey Jr. to chase Jesse down the street.

In August 2014, Psycho Dad stole Jesse's video games from his room and mowed them over as Jesse screamed in agony. In September 2014, Jeff Sr.'s TV was destroyed by Jesse after Jeff Jr. confiscated Buzz Simkins's Game Boy SP. Psycho Dad continued to confront Jesse on his job for the next few episodes.

Eventually, Psycho Dad banished Jesse from the house as punishment for breaking his childhood trophies, and proceeded to live normally at the residence. When learning that Jesse was using the family electricity, Psycho Dad ran over Jesse's residence, Eagles Landing, with a tractor. On May 1, 2015, Jeff Jr. kidnapped Jesse and took him back to their home, much to Jeff Sr.'s disapproval. However, he decided to allow Jesse to stay if he paid monthly rent.

Eventfully, after several events including Jesse pranking his brother by having Corn push him into a hole, Jeff kicked Jesse out a second time after destroying his room and most of his belongings. This time, however, the rest of the family convinced him to give him a second chance as long as he pays rents and obeys the new rule regarding him not having a door.

Several months later, Jeff's marriage with Theresa became strained after she started getting sick of seeing him abuse her son. Some of his actions leading up to this point include ruining Jeff Jr.'s Halloween party despite Jesse being the one who set the fireworks, acting ungrateful towards Jesse for buying him a birthday gift he hated, and finally, destroying many of Jesse's belonging's including his car after finding out he hit JT in the head with a beer bottle and locked him in a dog cage (not knowing that it was out of self defense). Theresa ends up demanding for a divorce before driving off, leaving Jesse stuck to suffer by the hands of his abusive father.

Jeff Sr. tried to win Theresa back several times. He even went as far as to damage the shop she and Larry owned after she rejeced his offer to get back together and destroying Aunt Melissa's Christmas decorations and throwing her into the Christmas tree. Failing to understand that his temper and treatment of their sons led to the divorce, Jeff starts taking his anger out on Jesse; even telling him while drunk that "he was sometimes ashamed to have him as a son." Eventfully, once Theresa kicked Jesse out of Aunt Jackie's house despite them both wanting to live their together (mostly because she didn't want to live with Jesse if he refused to do his share of the work), he ended up deciding to leave her alone for good. This is one of the few times he got upset with someone for hurting Jesse as even he felt Theresa crossed the line.


Psycho Dad is the abusive father of Jesse Ridgway and Jeffrey Ridgway Jr. and the ex-husband of Theresa Abraham-Ridgway. He is a very arrogant, cold, cruel, callous, unkind, rude, mean, heartless and wrathful person who destroys the consoles of his son because he did not accept that YouTube is a job and later out of anger for his role in his and Theresa's divorce. In addition, he is very strict, believing in the old style of what men do, working and modeling their children. He drives his son into madness, locking him in the house, destroying his things, and controlling his life. He gets killed in the end by Jesse after all the trouble and abuse he caused throughout the years, but is later resurrected.

During the series itself, Jeff Sr. started off as a wrathful yet well-meaning father before becoming worse overtime. At first, he showed concern towards Jesse's temper and lazy lifestyle as he thought it was because of his love for video games, but ends up resenting Jesse for his role in Theresa and Jeff separating. Because of this, he starts endangering Jesse's life, even almost killing him and Corn at one point. Even when Jesse aimed a gun at his hate, Jeff wasn't remorseful about everything he's done. Instead, he said that he should not have introduced Jesse to video games showing that he still did not believe that he was in the wrong beyond enabling Jesse's addiction. In the comic book, however, he does see what he did wrong before redeeming himself.

Furthermore, Psycho Dad also proves to contradict himself. Despite getting upset with Jesse many times for disrespecting him, he shows little respect for others and their belongings. The greatest example of this will be when he remorselessly demolishes Larry's trailer after Aunt Melissa asked him to get Jesse out of her house. Another example would be when he broke Jesse's Super Nintendo. In the latter case, however, he did relent when Jesse points out that he had no right to destroy his property.

The worst trait about Jeff Sr. aside from his temper, is the fact that he never shows respect towards people who have different beliefs while thinking he's the one who deserves respect and is always disrespected. Despite growing to dislike Jesse for doing the same thing, Jeff has no problem passing his views on others and lashing out on them if they refuse to give in. On top of this, he is capable of taking advantage of people as he constantly tricked Jesse into thinking that he changed only to return back to his old ways. This is despite him calling out Jesse for doing the same towards others including Theresa. He also has a habit of blaming others for his actions. For example, while he was right that Jesse hitting Jeffrey on the head with a bottle was wrong, he blamed only him for his and Theresa's divorce even though it was Jeff that pushed Jesse into a lamp and destroyed his belongings.

Furthermore, Jeff Sr. shows signs of wanting control of the people in his life even beyond his sons. For example, when Theresa refused to change her mind about the divorce, he ended up destroying most of her and Larry's shop as well as breaking all of Aunt Melissa's Christmas stuff and throwing her in the tree. This further shows that Jeff is a highly selfish man who seeks control for no reason.


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