Welcome to my world, Megamind. You'll soon be dancing to my tune.
~ Psycho Delic challenging Megamind.

Psycho Delic is a member and the second leader of The Doom Syndicate found in Megamind video games. He is a disco-dancing undead person who is known for producing toxic fumes.

He was voiced by Keith David.


Psycho Delic was hired by Tighten so that the Doom Syndicate would be founded alongside fellow villains Destruction Worker and Hot Flash so they can make Tighten become Blue Tighten.

Ultimate Showdown

Psycho Delic held a disco event inside the Metro City sewers for his band, Psycho Delic, and the Purple Fumes. He was quickly defeated by Megamind, whose gas is the second clue to finding Blue Tighten.

Mega Team Unite

Psycho Delic returns to Metro City, but this time, he is seen driving a train with his toxic gas, poisoning the city as he drives until he was defeated by the Mega Squad. He redeemed himself after learning the error of his ways, helping the Mega Squad defeat the last three members of the Doom Syndicate. 


Psycho Delic is a very arrogant and flamboyant dancer, who uses many disco-related puns as he speaks.


Psycho Delic creates hypnotic disco music and is able to evaporate into smoke since he is undead.


Psycho Delic wears a purple fur coat, has a purple fedora and a disco staff with a purple jewel at its center.


  • "Welcome to my world, Megamind. You'll soon be dancing to my tune."
  • "Glad you could join us, Megamind."
  • "Well, then. Now all the guests are here. Let the party begin!"
  • "Not before we party like a plague first, baby! Get that super square!"
  • "I'll make you pay for that, Megamind!"
  • "Too quick for you?"
  • "You'll need to be quicker than that!"
  • "You'll need to do better than that, Megamind!"
  • "I'm chillin' like a villain."
  • "Give it up, square!"
  • "Taking you cats down!"


  • Keith David, who did the voice of Psycho Delic, provided the voice for Dr. Facilier from Disney's The Princess and the Frog. Oddly enough, he even dresses like Dr. Facilier.


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