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The Escaped Psycho Killer with a Chainsaw and a Hook is a character who appeared in episode 19 of Total Drama Island, a horror–themed episode in which, after watching a scary movie, the campers were set up to believe that a real serial killer like the one in the film was on the island, but the “killer” stalking them was actually Chef Hatchet.

The point of the challenge was to see how the contestants would actually fare in such a situation. However, towards the end of the episode, a real escaped psycho killer with a chainsaw and a hook inexplicably shows up in the cafeteria, where Gwen is eating a sandwich. Gwen practically ignores him, thinking he is a part of the show’s staff, but when everyone else who has already been “caught” by the fake psycho sees this on camera from backstage, they all run screaming to the cafeteria to tell Gwen that the killer is not a fake. Gwen is terrified and kicks the killer in the face, which makes his mask fall off and he suddenly starts talking, saying that it really hurt him and he is now leaving because he was treated way better than this in prison. This confuses everyone and makes DJ faint.

In the second special, the psycho killer is one of the new “contestants” for “Total Drama Dirtbags”, along with several other random characters. It is unknown why in the world he would be not only walking free but allowed to officially be in a reality show, however since “Total Drama Dirtbags” was later revealed to be a setup by Chris McLean to make the contestants want to come back.

The Psycho Killer was briefly seen in the beginning of "Heroes vs. Villains", the first episode of Total Drama: All-Stars where he was locked up in a jail cell with a cork on his hook and another inmate and says he is "innocent" as Chef was passing by.


  • He was voiced by Scott McCord in Hook, Line, and Screamer and Brian Froud in Heroes vs. Villains.


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