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The Psychocop is one of the player controlled villains from the Hatred DLC Survival mode.


The Psychocop was a police officer who was severely injured by The Crusader during his rampage, being shot and burned. Surviving his injuries, the officer somehow ended up outside of New York by the time the Crusader caused a nuclear meltdown, and thus survived the blast. The officer however was left disfigured and driven insane by his injuries. He began to see the people he protected as scum. Joining the outcast Widowmaker and the rejected former criminal Recidivist, the Psychocop lead the group in honoring the Crusader by enacting their own (much smaller) rampage, killing as many people as possible before being killed themselves.


Originally a good officer, he was driven insane by his injuries and became a psychotic misanthrope obsessed with ending as much life as possible. Given that he appeared to be the leader of the trio, it is assumed he had more leadership skills than the other two.

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