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Ptolemaios is the leader of the Ptolemaic Army and the main antagonist of Metal Slug 5. He also appears as a major character in Metal Slug Attack.


Metal Slug 5

Ptolemaios was originally one of the natives who protected the Corridor of Fire. After finding a strange ritual mask and wearing it, he leaves the tribe and secretly starts working to bring the Avatar of Evil into our world, creating a cult of shamans and taking over the Ptolemaic Army, which he controls from the shadows.

It is unknown what happened to him after the group is defeated and the Evil Spirit banished.

Metal Slug Attack

At some point, Ptolemaios annihilated a secret society known as the "Red Goblin".

Swearing vengeance, the group's leader took the name of the society as his own and began seeking to get revenge on Ptolemaios for his society's destruction.


  • Ptolemaios never appears in the actual game, only appearing during a cutscene after the first mission showing him donning the ritual mask.
  • Ptolemaios was supposed to be a boss in the game, being scrapped due to the game being rushed to release. There are unused sprites in the game's data of his planned boss fight, where he controls a floating totem. These sprites were later used in the tower defense game Metal Slug Attack.


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