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The Puchi Ogura (also called Petit Ogura) are Ogura's ten children and the secondary antagonists of the GBA Japanese game Densetsu no Stafy 2.

Their names in game were just Puchi Oguras #1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, and 10.


Most of them team up or are seen and fought alongside bosses in the game, apart from Puchi Ogura #4 (with a transformation), Puchi Ogura #6 (with a giant Kigurumi) and Puchi Ogura #10 (with a protective helmet, minions, and with clones of himself) who fight by themselves.


Puchi Ogura #1

This one has a purple tail, blonde hair, and she wears a black cowboy hat. She is seen with Konk.

Puchi Ogura #2

This one has a red tail and wears a biking helmet, black visor, and blue fins. He teams up with Pekin Duck Model.

Puchi Ogura #3

This one has a yellow tail, but a lot of his body is also green. Part of his head is yellow. He teams up with Kiremoth.

Puchi Ogura #4

This one has a reddish orange and blue tail, reddish orange hair, and appears to be wearing a monocle. He can turn into a fire and ice dragon and battles by himself.

Puchi Ogura #5

Only this one's tail can't be seen. She has pink hair and wears a pink dress. She teams up with Numan.

Puchi Ogura #6

This one has a black tail, blue hair and three yellow thorn-like fins. He uses the Kigurumi to battle.

Puchi Ogura #7

This one has a yellow tail, three green thorn-like fins, yellow helmet and there appears to be a picture of a skull on his black underside. He rides Mandazetto.

Puchi Ogura #8

This one is mostly black, long tail, black hat resembles a wizard, two yellow thorn-like fins and he has a pacifier. He teams up with Yurikarugo.

Puchi Ogura #9

This is mostly yellow and appears to be crying most of the time. He is seen with Jiiyan.

Puchi Ogura #10

This one has a blue tail, an eye patch, and a bandanna that covers most of his face. He can create copies of himself. He uses a big viking helmet and commands his own minions to battle.


Densetsu no Stafy 2


The ten Puchi Ogura alongside their father.

Ogura creates the Puchi Ogura from two black orbs he dispenses from his nose. The Puchi Ogura escape from the jar and cause another storm to hit Pufftop. The storm knocks over the jar and releases Ogura. Ogura then kidnapped Mama Star as revenge for being trapped inside of the jar.

The Puchi Oguras were either bosses, helped bosses, have their own allies in the game, but some do not. Or just stayed with one.

In Lobber's Cave, Starfy and Moe encounter the first one. Puchi Ogura #1 most likely asks for Konk's aid in defeating Starfy to avenge both the fact that her father was trapped in the jar and that Starfy took Ruby away from him (respectively) in their first meeting, however both end up being defeated by the heroic prince once again.

In Gluglug Lagoon, after being attacked by Puchi Ogura #2 outside her own home, Ruby loses some of her furniture. So Starfy and Moe help her find them and defeat Puchi Ogura #2 and his living motorcycle, Pekin Duck Model.

In Turtle Turtle Land, according to a flashback from Kameru in stage 3-1, Puchi Ogura #3 and the evil giant butterfly Kiremoth cursed Kamekkochounan, Kamekkojinan and Kamekkoimouto by releasing a strange powder on to them while they were playing on an island, so Starfy helped Kameru by attacking the cursed turtle kids to turn them back to normal and defeating the third Puchi Ogura and Kiremoth.

In Slippery Ice Alpine, Starfy encounters and fights Puchi Ogura #4 (who can transform himself into both an ice and a fire elemental Dragon Monster).

In Large Tree Forest, Numan and Puchi Ogura #5 are responsible for separating Orisu from Korisu. In a flashback, Puchi Ogura #5 puts a cork at the bottom of a deep pool which Orisu and Korisu used to swim through, while Numan sucks up all of the water. This prevented Orisu and Korisu from reaching each other until Starfy removes the cork with three Star Spins, allowing water to fill up to the top again. Starfy and Moe find Puchi Ogura #5 with Numan in Stage 5-5. Puchi Ogura #5 asks Numan to suck up all of the water in a body of water which Starfy is in, much to the disdain of Moon who no longer has any water to swim through. Starfy is also unable to swim to the top and enter a door to the next room. Starfy solves the problem by removing another cork and Moon happily leaves. After delaying Starfy with a puzzle where he has defeat two insects of the same colour shown on a block, Puchi Ogura #5 locks up Mitsugasago in a cell. Starfy frees Mitsugasago by cornering Puchi Ogura #5 and using his Star Spin to retrieve the Prison Bars Key that opens both Mitsugasago's cell and the next room. After 20 seconds of failing to catch Starfy, Puchi Ogura #5 gives up chasing him and Puchi Ogura #5, riding Numan wait to battle Starfy.

In Pitch Dark Cave, Puchi Ogura #6, who wears a big suit called Kigurumi, kidnaps Wotsaruto in level 1 of , until Starfy and Moe come and rescue it. Puchi Ogura #6 is first seen wearing it in a flashback from Wotsaruto in Stage 6-1 after Wotsaruto speaks with Moe. In the flashback, the ground shakes and Puchi Ogura #6 wearing the Kigurumi threatens Wotsaruto and causes it to flee. Later through the level, the ground shakes and Kigurumi appears in person, and kidnaps Wotsaruto, until Starfy and Moe catch up with him. Moe intervenes and challenges Kigurumi whilst speaking out in a loud voice. This shocks Kigurumi and causes him to temporarily drop the suit, exposing him as Puchi Ogura #6 in disguise. Starfy and Wotsaruto are also frightened by Moe's loud voice, but only temporarily and Wotsaruto is grateful for Starfy and Moe for saving it. Later Starfy defeats the sixth Puchi Ogura and his Kigurumi.

Starfy and Moe then proceed to defeat the Puchi Oguras #7 (who drove a robotic manta named Mandazetto in Yahoo Mountains), 8 (who invaded Pufftop with the help of an upside-sown snail named Yurikarugo), 9 (who caused trouble in Resshi Lake with the help of Jiiyan), and 10 (in Torrent's Waterfall) before reaching Ogura in his own castle and rescuing Mama Star by defeating him and sealing him away again in the jar.


  • They died after they were defeated by Starfy as evident by a flashback and the end of the true credits in Densetsu no Stafy 3.

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