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Puckwudgies are one of many creatures found in Equestria during the My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic era - while many of Equestria's creatures are largely neutral the Puckwudgies are one of several genuinely dangerous creatures that can pose a significant threat to the ponies of the land, even if they are rarely confronted, a group of Puckwudgies act as antagonists in the second half of "School Daze".


Gallus, Smolder, Ocellus, Yona and Silverstream take refuge from troubles at the School of Friendship via effectively running away, hiding near the Castle of the Two Sisters while Sandbar collects food from Ponyville.

Upon Sandbar's return the group eat and play, which causes a Puckwudgie to arrive - at first the Puckwudgie seems mostly interested in the prospect of food but after Ocellus tries to befriend the creature by changing into one herself it becomes furious and calls on an entire pack of Puckwudgies, which proceed to attack the group with quills.

The group are forced to take cover as the Puckwudgies swarm them but are rescued from further harm by the Mane Six, who capture the Puckwudgies in their own way - Rainbow Dash grabs them and sticks their thorns in a tree, Twilight and Starlight use their magic to disperse them away from the Young Six, Rarity makes them up so that they are disgusted, Spike tackles them with his head, Applejack laces and drags them- and launch them back into the wild via Pinkie Pie's party cannon.


  • They are based on the Pukwudgies of Native American folklore, who are seen as malicious troll-like creatures, a trait that the Puckwudgies of Equestria seem to share, they also have an appearance similar to the cult sci-fi monsters "Critters".



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