Puff is a meta-human villainess in the Static Shock comic book series and TV show. She is a wannabe bounty hunter and best friend of Onyx.


After the Big Bang. Puff and her friend Onyx quit school and were out on the streets. They went through garbage for food until they saw in the newspaper about a bounty on Rubberband Man, they decided to become bounty hunters and track him down. They to catch him when they first encountered him, but Static interfered letting him escape. Static was quickly brought down by Puff's acid gas.


Puff can transform her body (either as a whole or just parts of it) into a gaseous vapor cloud. She could also spit gases from her mouth, either knock-out gas or a corrosive acidic cloud, dependent on her mood. She could also go through small spaces or cracks in cloud-form, but is vulnerable to water and wind. Her lower half turns into a cloud to fly or hover.

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