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Puffy the Cigarette is a minor villain from the Netflix original series, Paradise P.D. He is the mascot of a cigarette company, made for marketing cigarettes to children. He initially appeared as a one-time character in "Parent Trap", where he was an innocent enough character, but returned as a minor recurring villain in the Season 2 premiere episode, "Paradise Found", as one of the members of The Legion of Dooooom.


In "Parent Trap", Puffy the Cigarette had a float in the Thanksgiving day parade. There, he threw cigarettes out of a bowl, passing them out to children. Kids would pick up the cigarettes and smoke them. Later on, Dusty would attack the Thanksgiving parade and shoot a flaming arrow into Puffy's head, knocking him to the ground and causing him to get lit. While Puffy would kick around on the ground in pain and terror, a trio of kids would come up to him and light their cigarettes off of his head.

In "Paradise Found", Puffy the Cigarette returned as a member of The Legion of Dooooom, revealing that apparently, despite his (mostly) innocent exterior, he was a villain, who was willing to get involved with the distribution of much worse and more illegal drugs.

In "The Father, The Son, and The Holy Post-It Note", Puffy the Cigarette, along with all the other members of The Legion of Dooooom, broke into a Catholic Church and started fighting the priest for ownership of the money that was previously donated to him. During the fight, a nun picked up a church candle and lighting his head on fire, getting him lit again.

In "Flip the Vote", Puffy, along with the other members of The Legion of Dooooom, made phone calls to people around Paradise, seeing if he could count on their votes to get Fitz elected mayor.

When Fitz finally became the mayor of Paradise, Puffy, along with a few other members of The Legion of Dooooom, shot the former mayor, Karen Crawford, and the cops of Paradise P.D. with guns, running them out of town.

In "Operation DD", Puffy the Cigarette, along with all the other secondary agents of The Legion of Dooooom went to a sexual harassment seminar, only to learn that they were teaching them how to sexually harass. Puffy the Cigarette and everyone else serenaded the teachers, Gina and Hopson on how just because they're villains, doesn't mean that they'll sexually harass people. Puffy was one of the few villains to actually follow through on his word.


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