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The Pumpkin is the main antagonist of Carved, a short horror film and part of the "Huluween" event of 2018, which had numerous up-and-coming horror writers submit short films to Hulu both to promote their work, celebrate the Halloween season and be entered into a final prize of having a feature-length movie on Hulu.


The Pumpkin started "life" as a strange and deformed pumpkin in a patch, a farmer was collecting pumpkins and came across the particularly strange one - despite a crow repeatedly crying and other strange phenomena the farmer retrieved the pumpkin regardless. A few days later a family arrive to buy a pumpkin, which the farmer is now selling in bulk for halloween, despite the wide variety of pumpkins available the boy insists on the deformed pumpkin (which the farmer had tried to hide by a trashcan). The family proceed to take the Pumpkin home and begin carving numerous pumpkins, the father decides to carve the deformed Pumpkin last but is attacked as the monster takes a new form - strangling him with its tendrils. When the wife and children return to the room they are confronted with the Pumpkin, now more humanoid, which proceeds to kill them too. The short ends with a group of trick-or-treaters outside the home who comment on a horrific human-head pumpkin, stating it was "disgusting" - unaware that said "pumpkin" was a real carved out human head and the Pumpkin monster looms over the trick-or-treaters in the background, ready to strike again.


The Pumpkin was a supernatural entity and likely had numerous powers, in the short it demonstrated the ability to rapidly form tendrils strong enough to strangle a full-grown man, reshape its structure from an inanimate pumpkin to a more humanoid pumpkin-form and animals such as crows reacted negatively to its presence (which is a sign of demonic energy in many stories) : the creature also possessed the ability to somehow carve a human head/skull into an elaborate "pumpkin", despite the fact it seemed to lack arms or legs.


The Pumpkin is quite literally a deformed pumpkin in its "natural" state, yet when provoked it transforms into a monster with humanoid features and large vines capable of strangling a victim to death, it is unknown if it possessed any other forms beyond these two but given its supernatural nature it likely did.



The Pumpkin is a homicidal monster that seems to have a vengeful streak, seeing humans as a threat and dealing with them appropriately - yet, even for a creature that may be enacting revenge it does so in a sadistic and creative fashion, showing that it has a degree of malice in its acts as well.


- The way the pumpkin kills is similar to the Pumpkinheads of Farmer Palmer.

- It is Possible that The Pumpkin could return, as said Carved could get a Feature-Length film said here:

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