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The Pumpking is a minor antagonist from Dragalia Lost, being the main antagonist of the campaign Trick or Treasure!


The Pumpking is an obese humanoid fiend with purple skin, white toes, small black wings, and a one-eyed pumpkin for a head.

It wears orange and green bracelets on each hand and wears a rag with a jack 0' lantern lined belt.

Powers and Abilities

The Pumpking's primary choice of weapon is using a giant lollypop as a club.

The creature's attacks include swinging its weapon, charging across the area, chucking boulders, spinning with its weapon, and jumping at its targets.


The Pumpking is the leader of the fiends that raided the Halloween festivities and stole the candy intended for it. In order to stop this, Althemia, Elisanne, and Edward dressed in Halloween attire in order to draw out the fiends. It is later told that the fiends were drawn by a sun sigil that has been inked on the wall. Edward promptly cleaned it up to stop more of the fiends from appearing. Soon after, the heroes pursued the fiends, lead by the Pumpking itself, to a village they were attacking.

It was revealed that Emile was behind the fiends that were raiding the festivities. He spilled the ink on accident after bumping into a Halloween-dressed Silke who blew him away with one of her projectiles.



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