Puna is an antagonist in the video game Tomb Raider III: Adventures of Lara Croft. He is the boss in the South Pacific section of the game.


Puna was worshiped by a cannibalistic tribe in the South Pacific. The tribe revered Puna as an all powerful god. In actuality, Puna wasn't a god at all. His power came from a meteorite artifact that he stole from a Britih salior.

Millenniums ago, Polynesians discovered a meteorite that was responsible for the extinction of the dinosaurs. These people sculptured pieces of the meteorite. Four artifacts were made; each bestowing an elemental power. Years later, the Polynesians were harmed by the immense powers of the sculptures. They fled from Antarctica which was originally their home. A group of Polynesians manage to survive the trip. They landed at an island in the South Pacific and rebuilt their society. Due to the island's scarce resources, the tribe reverted to cannibalism.

Millenniums later, a company of British sailors explored Antarctica in search of meat. During the exploration, the sailors went into a cave. Instead of meat, they found something grander: the meteorite artifacts. An avalanche occurred and one of the sailors was killed. The remainder of the group went their separate ways with each artifact.

A month later, one of the sailors visited the island that was inhabited by the tribe. He was attacked and cannibalized. Puna - who was a lower tribesman at time - managed to swipe the sailor's artifact. He immediately surpassed the rest of the tribe and gained immense power. From that day forward, Puna was immune to aging and he became the leader of the tribe. They were entirely unaware that Puna's powers originated the artifact that he stole.

In 1998, adventurer Lara Croft visited the island in search of the meteorite artifact. The entire tribe attacked her but she managed to slaughter all of them in self-defense. During her journey, she encountered a group of Australian soldiers who crash landed onto the island. Many of them were victims of a feast held by the tribe. The remaining soldiers were killed in battle against viscous creatures. Lara was the only survivor. She managed to reach the temple where Puna resided. After killing all of the guards and evading traps, Lara reached Puna's chamber which was located directly above a deep chasm. He attempted to use lightning and shield generation to protect himself. Lara managed to outsmart Puna before kill himing and taking the artifact. He was the final member of his tribe to die.


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