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Punch Monkeys are minor/supporting antagonists in The Croods and the secondary antagonists in The Croods: A New Age. They serve as Spiny Mandrilla's minions.

First Film

A troop was seen during the first movie which fought against Grug Crood and where able to dispatch him easily and even toy with him. They later disperse upon Chunky appearing behind Grug. A second troop was seen later in the movie which where prepared to fight Grug, but they were bribed to let them pass by Guy Crood giving them bananas.

A singular member was seen during the road trip trying to plug its ears with its fingers after hearing Guy and Grug's Arguing.

Second Film

"Many moons ago, their world was a paradise. It was a time of much joy. The water flowed freely. The bananas grew in bunches. We had art, politics… economics… but most of all, bananas. So many bananas. Then, at full moon, the monster came for its bananas.

Yep. Good times.”

“Good times. But then, for some strange reason, the water went away. After that, the bananas went away too. But the monster didn’t go away. No. It came back for its bananas. There were no bananas.”

"In summary, they really need those bananas."

~ Guy's explaining the Punch Monkeys' Backstory to Grug and Phill.

A super colony appeared in the sequel, Where the Punch Monkey tribe lived peacefully along side with the Spiny Mandrilla and forced to give it thousands of banana's otherwise in exchange for not destroying them. This worked until Phil Betterman built a dam draining their water supply killing off their banana supply, with out his banana's the Mandrilla found a new food source; The Punch Monkeys, enraged after the loss of their only bargaining chip attacked the Betterman wall until they began offering bananas as a safety measure which worked for some time. Until Grug Crood ate all of them leading to the Punch Monkeys capturing Phil, Grug and Guy. They also learned how to make tools, make fire, and tie better knots, unintentionally having been shown how by Phil, who, in his own words, believed that the punch monkey's knots were terrible. planning to feed them to the Mandrilla in an effort to appease them. Just before he could devour them all the Thunder Sisters and Thunk arrived! A short battle against the Punch Monkey army and Mandrilla ensured which seemed to end after Guy and Eep dropped a heart shaped boulder on its head, just before our heroes left the Monster suddenly returned hungry for revenge! It grabbed Eep by the foot and slowly dragged her down the cliff, until she revealed the 'toe' he was holding onto was in fact a peanut prosthetic which instantly fell off sending him plummeting to his death.

After the Spiny Mandrilla's Death, The Punch monkeys were freed from it's terror and hailed the Croods and Bettermans as the liberators as well as moving in with them at the Bettermans' Farm.


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