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Flapjack: Uhh...
Punsie: (turning red) You think you're "red-y" for my rhymes? (turning lime green) You'll soon be as "green" as envious limes!Flapjack: Uhh..Punsie: (turning yellow) I see you're not "yellow," fellow. But I don't wanted make you (turning blue) "blue," so get a "clue!" (turning purple) And "purple" a plug before you played! (turning rai, with demonic voicenboR) Or I'LL "ORANGE" A "RAINBOW" ON YOUR PARADE!!|Punsie's breakdown as he confronts Flapjack while chang Punsie McKale is a minor character in the series, The Marvelous Misadventures of Flapjack, as well as the main antagonist of the episode, "Pun Times." He is a famous comedian from Stormalong Harbor whose comedic acts mainly consist of puns.

He is voiced by S. Scott Bullock


Punsie McKale has brown hair and blue eyes along with fair skin. He has a perma-smile that never goes away. He also resembles more of a real person than a typical cartoon character, this is because he was modeled after Patrick McHale, a writer for the show.

Punsie wears a sailor outfit akin to that of Donald Duck's.


Punsie is very charismatic and likeable, but he is also hypocritical, whereas he can make jokes about other people but he dislikes it when people make jokes about him.

Punsie also hates it when others have the comedic spotlight, as when Flapjack was entering the Pun-Off, Punsie disorientated Flapjack with a bunch of colour puns in an attempt to throw him off his game. This did not stop Flapjack though, upsetting Punsie.

He also shows signs of pettiness, as he sheds a tear when it was discovered that slapstick was funnier than puns.


  • His name (and also appearance) were modeled after Patrick McHale, one of workers of the show.
  • Punsie is able to shapeshift his face into different colours.