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The Puppet Army is an army of magically enhanced puppets, created by Zevon who appear as the tertiary antagonists in the second season of Descendants: Wicked World.


The army originates from puppets stolen by Zevon from Geppetto's workshop after he raided the store, which he uses in order to fight off the Auradon citizens, they only appear in two episodes in which Zevon uses them to assist him in his uprising. He used them in the later episodes of the series as a last resort just in case he got outnumbered. He then threw one of them on the Tourney field and threw a potion to multiply it and then another to make the multiplied puppets to do his bidding. They ended up surrounding Mal and Evie however Audrey, Ally, Jordan, Jay, Carlos, Freddie and Jane defeat all of them one by one with relative ease. After Mal reverts all of Zevon's magic on Auradon the puppets are most likely restored to their original state.


  • They are the first group of villains to appear on the show.
  • They are the weakest antagonists in the series.
  • They were most likely prototype versions of Pinocchio or simply new versions Geppetto made for the school.
  • They never speak and only simply giggle or snicker.
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