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As I thought. Young. From the very last production line. Which means they were brought online after the purge, as an expendable death squad for the Inquisitorius.
~ Ferren Barr on the Purge Troopers.

The Purge Troopers are a specialized class of Imperial soldier trained and equipped to assist the Inquisitors in hunting down Jedi and other Force-sensitive beings who threaten the Empire. Borrowing tactics and methods first used by the Republic soldiers that accompanied Jedi generals during the Clone Wars, this elite group is few in number and keeps out of the public eye. Most citizens of the Empire are unaware they even exist.


Purge Troopers were specialized Imperial soldiers who served the Inquisitorius, although some engaged their enemies without nearby support. One group of Purge Troopers were clones from the final production line, and as such, were young human males. They served as a death squad for the Inquisitors and had a red tattoo on the right side of their faces and had no hair.


The Purge Troopers were formed sometime either during or after 19 BBY and were formed from the last batch of Jango Fett clones produced on Kamino prior to the cloning facilities being shut down in favor of human recruits. As the Jango Fett clones were to be phased out of Imperial service, the clones that would become Purge Troopers were organized into an expendable death squad intended to hunt down and kill any surviving Jedi. They would be placed under the command of the Inquisitors and served as infantry support for the Inquisitorius.


Every member was equipped with black armor that included several red or silver designs, kamas, and black helmets similar to that of clone paratroopers, with some sections of red. At least three members were also equipped with red pauldrons and at least three other members had a black pauldron with red lining, which was worn on their right shoulder. Each member had the Imperial crest on both shoulder pads.

They utilized DC-15 blaster rifles and electrostaffs in combat.



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