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Purple's Clones are minor antagonists in the Animator vs. Animation franchise, appearing as the secondary antagonists of Animation vs. League of Legends.

Like the name says, they are five clones of Purple created by it to defeat the heroic Stick Figures in a game of League of Legends.


While the stick figures are having fun in League of Legends, they suddenly come across Purple, vengeful over the last time they met, which ended with the stick figure being dethroned. After being challenged to a fight, four more Purples appear, each having a powerful weapon. The teams battle, and each Purple easily defeats their enemy. While battling a certain clone, the Second Coming realises that it can't hit Purple. Cornered, the Second Coming looks above and sees the folder that is shaking. Opening it, it sees that the real Purple is messing with the LeagueClient.exe file, showing why the clones are glitching. The Second Coming and Purple fight inside the folder, with the Second Coming realising that Purple made clones of itself.

The Second Coming slashes Clone 1's file, and it's deleted, much to a fellow clone's confusion before it was attacked by Red. Purple and the Second Coming continue fighting, with Purple falling on Clone 4's file and deleting it in the process while the Second Coming slashes Clone 2's file. The Second Coming itself starts messing with the LeagueClient.exe file to make sure its friends win. After a bit of fighting, the Second Coming slashes Clone 3's file and jumps into the "Config" folder, where it finds Clone 5's file and deletes it, while it was being cornered by Green, Red, Blue and Yellow.




  • It's unknown which stick figures were Clone 4, 2 and 3.
  • Only three of the clones were shown dying on-screen: Clone 1, 5 and an unknown clone.