Nobody messes with the Purple Dragons.
~ Johnny, a member of the Purple Dragons gang.
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Purple Dragon symbol

The Purple Dragons are a street gang led by Hun that often fight the Ninja Turtles and villains in the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles comics, animated TV series' and video games. They mostly commit robberies and threaten people. They're one of the most dangerous street gangs in all of New York City (if not the most dangerous), and they work for the Shredder on most occasions.

In MNT Gaiden, Purple Dragons are a favorite target of vigilante fights involving Raphael Hamato, Casey Jones and Shadow Jones, the latter two fighting the Purple Dragons while masked.

According to Chapter 13: Back into the Shadows, the renegade NYC Foot Clan leader Eikichi Gotoh holds the Purple Dragons in contempt as an organization, because Purple Dragon members only follow their own individual desires, whereas the NYC Foot Clan establishes a common group goal that is served by all its members as a whole. An unnamed gang that similar with Purple Dragons was featured in 1987 TV Series. They were led by Bebop & Rocksteady.


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