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Nobody messes with the Purple Dragons.
~ Johnny, a member of the Purple Dragons gang.

Purple Dragon symbol

The Purple Dragons are a street gang led by Hun that often fight the Ninja Turtles and villains in the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles comics, animated TV series' and video games. They mostly commit robberies and threaten people. They're one of the most dangerous street gangs in all of New York City (if not the most dangerous), and they work for the Shredder on most occasions.

In MNT Gaiden, Purple Dragons are a favorite target of vigilante fights involving Raphael Hamato, Casey Jones and Shadow Jones, the latter two fighting the Purple Dragons while masked.

According to Chapter 13: Back into the Shadows, the renegade NYC Foot Clan leader Eikichi Gotoh holds the Purple Dragons in contempt as an organization, because Purple Dragon members only follow their own individual desires, whereas the NYC Foot Clan establishes a common group goal that is served by all its members as a whole. An unnamed gang that is similar to Purple Dragons was featured in 1987 TV Series. They were led by Bebop & Rocksteady.

In the 2012 series, the Purple Dragons are a Chinese American gang that, up until Casey Jones vs The Underworld, consisted of 3 members, Fong, the unofficial leader who (occasionally) wields a butcher knife, Sid, the muscle who (occasionally) wields an axe and Tsoi, a mustached middle-man who (occasionally) wields a sledgehammer. The Purple Dragons mostly commit stereotypical street level crimes, mugging citizens, robbing bank vaults, forcing business owners to pay protection money and doing lackey work for bigger crime lords (Shredder and one off villain Ho Pan). Unlike in other versions, the Purple Dragons are portrayed as straight up joke villains who couldn't put up a single decent fight with the teenage Casey Jones, much less the turtles.

Despite their numerous failures, the Dragons are a respected and feared gang who commit crimes in broad daylight unopposed. In Casey Jones vs The Underworld, the Dragons become a much bigger threat when they are now lead by Hun, who, unlike in the 2003 version, is a quick and nimble martial arts master who is clearly a homage to Bruce Lee. With Hun in tow, the Purple Dragons are now seen as a much bigger, yet slightly inconsistent, threat who now can easily take on the likes of Casey Jones, Michelangelo and Karai with her friend Shinigami at the same time.


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  • The 2012 version of Hun is clearly a homage to Bruce Lee, having a similar body, voice and moves, once hitting Casey Jones with a 1-inch punch, a move that took Bruce years to master.
  • The 2012 version of the Purple Dragons is extremely similar to the Spiderman villains, The Enforcers, both consisting of four to three members with similar traits. Hun and The Big Man are the leaders of the group and typically seen as the most competent members, Fong and Montana are the leaders when Big Man/Hun aren't around, Tsoi and Fancy Dan are most notable for being the only group members with a mustache and Ox and Sid are the big tough strong men of the group. They are also both seen as joke villains who can't put up a decent fight.