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Goals to become immortal take over the world and kill the pokemon rangers. later to get Arceus to destroy all of humanity aside from himself and then recreate it so he would be it's new ruler

Purple Eyes is an admin of the Pokemon Pinchers  and the main antagonist in Pokemon Ranger: Guardian Signs.

In Pokemon Ranger

Before he first appeared in the game, he and his men broke into Rand's home and beat him up and kidnapped his wife and  daughter and took them to Oblivia Ruins. He threatened to hurt them if they did not give him the the information that he needed, and he got his men to put on some armor in which  brainwash them into thinking that they are Knights of Old called Steel Heads. Later he brainwashed Zapdos and used it as a shield for a fortress in the sky for his boss and then later on betrayed him. He then kidnapped 3 elderly people that used to work with him to get their pieces of the Golden armor and then left them out at sea to drown. He later got the last piece of the Golden armor and became immortal. He then brainwashed Mewtwo and tried to kill his old boss and Rand but Mewtwo saved them be for he was 100% brainwash with out Purple Eye's knowing. after being beaten Purple Eye's said that there were no winners and then laugh be for he past out. it trun's out that becase that Purple Eye's was not immortal any more and the Golden armor was gone and when to diffent places of the Oblivia region the fortress in the sky was about to fall into the sea and make a tsunami so big that it would flood the whole Oblivia region. but in the end Oh-ho saved every one. Later Zapdos  Articuno and Moltres went crazy because of the Golden armor.  and in a extra mission Purple Eyes coses  Dialga, Palkia and Giratina to go crazy. in the end Purple Eyes tries to get Arceus to destroy all of humanity aside from himself and then recreate it so he would be it's new ruler. When Arceus is captured by the player, Purple Eyes is dragged off to somewhere unknown by Arceus in order to receive judgment.

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