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(gasps) The Purple Orange! My hideous child which has no rhyme! Head for the hills while you still have the time! Aghh!
~ Dr. Rhymenstein's reaction to the Purple Orange's appearance.

The Purple Orange (also known as simply The Monster) is the Fictional Fictional main villain of the Arthur episode "Rhyme for Your Life" that appears in Binky Barnes' dream. It is a monster created by Dr. Rhymenstein that was originally intended to be good, but a mistake he made in its creation process caused it to become evil instead.


The Purple Orange, true to its name, is a giant anthropomorphic purple orange with arms and legs. It has large, evil-looking eyes with indigo pupils and pale yellow sclerae, a large mouth outlined with sharp fangs, and clawed hands and feet. Its arms and legs are a lighter shade of purple than its body.


The Purple Orange appeared to be a ferocious creature with a taste for eating other living beings, as shown when it ate its own creator Dr. Rhymenstein and rubbed its belly in satisfaction afterwards. Despite this however, it did seem to genuinely care about Dr. Rhymenstein's daughter Clementine, as it referred to her as a friend, and kidnapped her with the goal of keeping her as company rather than eating her. Also, right before Binky's final confrontation with it, it was shown feeding fish to seals in the arctic, showing that despite its ferocious nature, it was still capable of at least some level of kindness. It also didn't seem to know how to speak very well, as the only thing it said other than roaring ("You friend" to Clementine before kidnapping her) was grammatically incorrect.


The Purple Orange appears in a dream had by Binky about himself being in a far-away land called Verseburg in the episode when he falls asleep on the couch after trying to come up with a poem for his mother's birthday. Its first appearance is when it moves aside some nearby tree branches when Binky and Clementine are walking up the path to Dr. Rhymenstein's mansion, although at this point only its hands are shown to the viewer. The Purple Orange makes its first full appearance in the next scene inside Rhymenstein's mansion when it busts through the mansion's wall, eats Dr. Rhymenstein, and kidnaps his daughter Clementine to have as a friend. After going to the Verseburg police station and attempting to report the monster to Officer Fern Walters and being jailed for insufficient poetry (which is a class D felony in Verseburg) as a result, but escaping with the help of fellow prisoner William Carlos Williams, he goes on a long journey across Verseburg in search of Clementine and the Purple Orange, until he finally finds them in the arctic, where the Purple Orange has made an igloo for Clementine to live in and is shown feeding fish to seals. When Binky announces his arrival to Clementine, he gets the Purple Orange's attention, and it approaches him with the intention of eating him. However, Binky uses a yell called the "barbaric yawp" (which was apparently taught to him by Walt Whitman off-screen) to trigger an avalanche which crushes the Purple Orange, killing it. Afterwards, Binky and Clementine return to Verseburg, where the Purple Orange's dead body is on display in the town square, having had the orange juice squeezed out of it for the townsfolk to drink, as Officer Walters gives Binky a barracuda that was caught by Verseburg's founder Pablo Neruda as a reward for killing the Purple Orange and setting the town free, while the townsfolk cheer for him. Binky then wakes up from his dream.



  • Although it's not a real being within the Arthur universe, the Purple Orange is one of the few characters in the show to explicitly kill another character onscreen by eating its creator Dr. Rhymenstein.
    • In addition, it is also one of the few characters in the show to explicitly die itself, being crushed to death by an avalanche and having its dead body put on display in the town square of Verseburg afterwards.
  • The Purple Orange being depicted as a monster is a reference to the fact that "purple" and "orange" are some of the only words in the English language to not have any words that rhyme with them, as failing to speak in rhyme is a felony in Verseburg.
    • It is also a reference to Frankenstein's Monster, as it is a monster created by a scientist that is feared by all around it including the scientist himself, and both also have yellow eyes. The names of the scientists who created them, Dr. Rhymenstein and Dr. Frankenstein respectively, are also similar.
      • However, whereas Frankenstein's monster is a Fallen Hero, the Purple Orange was evil since its creation due to an error that Dr. Rhymenstein made in its creation process.

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