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Putty Thing and Fish Guy, are a pair of recurring villains from The Mask: The Animated Series. They are voiced by Cam Clarke and Jeff Bennett respectively.


The Terrible Twos

Dak and his best friend Eddie were both teenage slackers who hung around the Slurb and Lube Store. One day, they were  kicked out by Kellaway who stated that the store was no library. They both decided to get revenge on Kellaway by going to a nuclear plant with a bug so they could be mutated just like their idol Insector the Bugman. Dak and Eddie went to the nuclear plant and got themselves radioactive, but realized that neither of them had the bug and fainted. An ambulance arrives and drives the two teenagers to the hospital. On the way, the ambulance crashed, causing the two to fly on their stretchers.

After falling into a spackle shop, Dak mutates into a putty monster, while Eddie falls into an aquarium, mutating into a fish. However. while Dak gains various powers from his putty body Eddie is stuck as a regular fish with no real powers, something that causes a rift between the two friends, so Dak decides to cheer up Eddie by destroying whatever he says to. The police arrive to deal with them but Putty Thing managed to defeat them with ease. Stanley, who was cuffed with Kellaway at the time, has to find ways to distract Kellaway in order to put the Mask to fight the villains. At the end, Putty Thing captures Kellaway and lets Stanley escape, allowing him to finally put on the Mask. Threatening to cook Fish Guy, the Mask convinces Putty Thing to set Kellaway free, after which he uses Canola oil to melt him and trap him in a large jar.

Martian Mask

Putty Thing and Fish Guy escape from jail, so Putty Thing decides to take a trip to a beach where Fish Guy could be at his element. Meanwhile, they are chased down by The Mask, while both Kellaway and a group of FBI agents searching for martians are on their tail as well. Despite all odds the two reach the beach, but unfortunately not only Fish Guy can't swim, Putty Thing's body becomes unstable in contact with the salt water, resulting in the two being captured again.

The Good, the Bad and the Fish Guy

While being transported on an airport the two escape once again but have an argument due to Fish Guy's lack of powers. When The Mask confronts them, Putty Thing transforms into a cobra and manages to remove the Mask from Stanley, the Mask flying into an airplane turbine and being knocked right into Fish Guy, who puts it on and transforms into Shark Dude. Now having all powers he wanted and still mad at Putty Thing, he ditches his friend and goes on his own to cause mayhem around the city. Stanley convinces Putty Thing to fight Shark Dude and take off the Mask from him, causing the two to fight each other. Putty Thing takes off the Mask and decides to look for Stanley so that he can be his new best friend, while Fish Guy is arrested along the Mask. Knowing Putty Thing was after Stanley the Mask escapes from prison and reverts back to Stanley, who convinces Putty Thing to get inside a cement mixer to destroy it from inside, using the opportunity to mix him with the fresh cement and disabling his powers. Arrested once again, the two finally make peace and decide to never split up again.

Other appearances

Putty Thing and Fish Guy make minor appearances in other episodes. In Santa Mask they are some of the villains impersonating Santa to commit crimes, while in Broadway Malady they are some of the villains hired by Andrew Bedwetter to perform on his theatrical play. Their final appearance is in Enquiring Masks Want to Know, where they appear at the beginning of the episode, having once again escaped from prison, though are quickly defeated by the Mask.



  • Putty Thing is a parody of the Batman villain Clayface, while Fish Guy's appearance is a parody of Dana Carvey's character from Wayne's World, Garth Algar.


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