Pyotr Maximoff is the director of the UN Guardians who is a secret member of Blessed and the secondary antagonist of Cyborg 009: Call of Justice.

He was voiced by Masuo Amada.


Pyotr was once an ordinary human until he joined the Blessed and his mind overclocked, granting him new powers.

Pyotr sent Cpt. Takeru Igarashi and Lt. Catalina Canetti after the 00 Cyborgs after they killed both the assassins Blessed had sent to kill them. He was later ordered by Emperor to capture Cyborg 001 / Ivan Whisky, as the Emperor had taken an interest in him.

The 00 Cyborgs later contacted Pyotr and his superiors and attempted to explain the truth about the Blessed to them, but Pyotr cut them off before they could say much, telling his superiors that the Blessed was something the 00 Cyborgs had fabricated.

Eventually though, the 00 Cyborgs and Takeru figured out that Pyotr was a member of the Blessed, prompting Pyotr to head back to the Guardian HQ with Lucy Davenport to question Pyotr. However, when they got there, they discovered that all records of Pyotr's existence had been erased before being taken into custody by the Guardians.

Pyotr later confronted the 00 Cyborgs as they were heading to Venus Island to stop the Emperor. He fought Takeru in his very own Savior Tank. Eventually, 002 joined the fight and grabbed Pyotr's Savior Tank, lifting it up into the air before slamming it to the ground. Pyotr managed to survive, but Takeru fired a missile from his Savior Tank at him, killing the corrupt director.


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