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This toasty toad is so hot, he uses molten lava for his bathwater! His favorite hobbies are causing volcanic eruptions and hopping all over the place!
~ Pyribbit's pause screen description in Kirby Triple Deluxe.
He quenches his thirst with boiling magma and snacks on molten lava rocks. The most unforgiving environments are comforting for Pyribbit.
~ Pyribbit DX's pause screen description in Kirby Triple Deluxe.

Pyribbit is a minor antagonist in Kirby Triple Deluxe, serving as the boss of the final stage of Endless Explosions. He is also an ordeal fought at the Volcano in both Team Kirby Clash Deluxe and Super Kirby Clash.


Kirby Triple Deluxe

Main game

Before the boss fight starts, a cutscene plays of Taranza, carrying an unconscious King Dedede, flying past Pyribbit as the latter sleeps. Taranza throws a large rock at Pyribbit to wake him up, then leaves before the toad can notice him. The rock bounces off and into Kirby's hands as he arrives, causing Pyribbit to assume the pink puffball was the one to wake him, thus initiating the fight.

Pyribbit's attacks include hopping onto the stones in the background before jumping into the foreground and hopping across the platform while his belly is coated in flames. Upon reaching the middle of the platform, he'll spin around twice while breathing fire, with the second time having a longer range. Pyribbit will then jump into the pool of lava in the background, popping his head out a few times before reaching the platform and attempting to catch the player with his long tongue. Should Kirby be hit by this attack, he'll be pulled into the toad's mouth, who will then hop onto one of the background stones and spit Kirby out to deal massive damage. Pyribbit will then return to the stones, launching several large balls of molten rock from the top of his head, before jumping onto the platform with great force. He will then repeat this cycle of attacks until the player deals 50% of damage.

Once at half health, Pyribbit will summon four tall stone pillars and a large volcano in the background, hopping onto said volcano and creating pillars of lava to charge toward the player. He'll also hurl four volcanic rocks from the top of the volcano, before crashing into the foreground himself while curled into a ball of fire. Following this, the toad will shoot two steams of lava from the top of his head like a fountain while spinning from side to side. Additionally, Pyribbit will use his molten rock attack more often, and his fire breath attack now takes up the entire platform, requiring Kirby to fly over it.

Upon being defeated, Pyribbit will be launched into the lava pool behind him before being crushed by the rocks he had summoned at the start of his second phase.


The fight begins with King Dedede running past Pyribbit DX as he sleeps, before tripping and accidentally hitting the boss with his hammer, waking him and starting the fight. Pyribbit DX's attacks are similar to the ones in his normal form (though now last longer and do more damage), but his volcanic rock attack will have him shoot out two rocks at once rather than one at a time. In the second phase of the fight, the pillars of lava will duck under the lava before springing up when they reach the foreground. The third pillar attack will also have the pillars swaying left and right, making them harder to dodge. Pyribbit DX will also now shoot out four molten rocks instead of two in the second phase, and can perform the fire breathing attack from the background. The attack where the boss launches himself at the player from atop the volcano also has lava pillars rush toward the player as he lands, and his lava fountain attack now has more range. The fight ends the same way, with Pyribbit DX crushed under a pile of rocks.

The fight against Pyribbit and his DX form remain the same in The Arena and The True Arena, though now with no opening cutscene.

Team Kirby Clash series

In the "Team Kirby Clash" sub-game of Kirby: Planet Robobot, Pyribbit serves as the fourth boss. In Team Kirby Clash Deluxe, he's a tough ordeal at the Volcano that can be accessed for 30 Gem Apples and must be defeated in order to access the Empyrean. He is later fought again for 39 Gem Apples and must be beaten again to unlock Landia EX. In Super Kirby Clash, he is yet again a tough ordeal that's unlocked for 16 Gem Apples. He's a tougher boss in Party Quest, and later a super boss in his DX form (now called Pyribbit EX). His fights are identical to his battle in Kirby Triple Deluxe.


Pyribbit is a chubby red toad with a beige belly and flame patterns on his back. he has two small beige feet and a golden upper jaw with blue and magenta splotches and a shape resembling a mustache. He has small, green eyes, and the top of his head is brown and black with a crown shape and a pit of fire in the middle, adorned with blue, pink, and green gems.

Pyribbit DX is lime green instead of red, with and orange belly and feet and a dark red upper jaw. The gemstones on his head are now green, pink, yellow, and purple. Pyribbit EX is the same, though now with a larger "crown".


  • Pyribbit is one of the most infamous bosses in the Kirby series, due to how often he stays in the background, thus not giving players many chances to hit him and causing the battle to go on much longer than other regular bosses.
  • Pyribbit was mistaken for an owl in the Spanish translation of Kirby Triple Deluxe, as his name Pirobuho translates to "Pyro Owl".
  • Pyribbit is very likely based on the fire-bellied toad.
  • Pyribbit's roar is shared with Pon and Con in Kirby Star Allies.
  • Alongside Dark Meta Knight, Pyribbit is one of the only two bosses in Kirby: Triple Deluxe that does not explode upon his defeat.

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