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I have crushed stars! What chance have you against me?
~ Pyron

Pyron, also known as the "Lord of the Living Flame", is the main antagonist from Darkstalkers and the anime Night Warriors: Darkstalkers' Revenge. He is an alien warlord who collects planets and consumes them. In the Darkstalkers videogame series, Pyron serves as the final boss in the first two games.

He is voiced by David Kaye, who is most famous for voicing Megatron.


Pyron is an alien from the planet Hellstorm, a very distant planet. He took upon an evolution process during many eons, and became a cosmic being. Having now unlimited power, he starts to collect the finest planets in the universe, which orbit his fingers like rings. He finally discovers planet Earth, and as he falls in it 65 million years ago, he creates the army of Huitzil to extinguish all life on Earth while he takes a centuries-long slumber deep in the Atlantic Ocean to store his power and wait the right time to consume Earth. The Huitzil successfully extinguished the dinosaurs and went deep underground in Mexico, where they shut down.

Pyron finally awakes during the decade of 1980. One of the Huitzil also resumes it's functions at the same time and prepares to carry it's order to extinguish life. Pyron notices the presence of the Darkstalkers, creatures from the darkness who wander our world. Seeing them as a possible threat, he makes a challenge to all creatures of the night, who sense his presence and fights each other to get to him. Pyron prepares himself by taking the form of a humanoid ghost covered in flames, not using his full power to not take the fun and the challenge. He is challenged by the vampire Demitri Maximoff, who ends up defeating and absorbing him.

Powers and Abilities

Pyron has shown faster than light traveling speed before to consume planets in such a short time. He's made of pure energy so he can't be hurt by normal means of attacks and especially not by energy attacks which he can absorb. After assimilating planets into himself he adds them to his own orbital path of 400,000 light-years, he controls his own private galaxy. He also has Super strength, speed, durability, flight, shapeshifting, size manipulation, teleportation, energy manipulation, heat generation, cosmic awareness(Was aware that Earth would have strong fighters), energy absorption, matter transmutation, gravity manipulation.

Project X Zone 2

Pyron makes an appearance as a non-playable boss character in the crossover videogame Project X Zone 2.