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You know, you have been quite the unruly house guests. Oh Prism! I think it's time we see our guests out.
~ Pyrope commanding her Prism to force the Crystal Gems out of her throne.

Pyrope is one of the two main antagonists and a boss in Steven Universe: Unleash the Light. She is an Era-1 Garnet and a former holder of one of the remaining Light Prisms.

She is voiced by Kari Wahlgren.


Pyrope's build is similar to that of Hessonite and Demantoid with pink skin and a crimson hairstyle resembling an afro. She also has white eyebrows. She wears a crimson dress with white shoulder pads and poofy sleeves that are opened in the lower half showing white boots with rose accents and dark fuchsia pantaloons. Her rectangular faceted gemstone is located in her midsection.


Pyrope acts in a cheerful yet snobbish manner and had a very high opinion of herself which made sense considering her former status in Homeworld's hierarchy. According to Hessonite she could be easily distracted to the point of immediately abandoning a task when something got her attention and could also be oblivious to information that was clear to others. She firmly believes that all Gems need a ruler and were lost without one. However, she can lose her temper which was put on full display when the Crystal Gems directly confronted and defeated her and Demantoid before they poofed each other out of rage.


Unleash the Light

Pyrope and Demantoid first appeared via a screen monitor were they refused Steven's order to hand over their remaining Light Prisms with Pyrope stating that her castle is now closed.

After going through a mase in Pyrope's chamber fighting all of her Light Minions, the Crystal Gems eventually corner Pyrope in her room were they fight her as she uses her weaponized fans to attack them. Demantoid later accompanies Pyrope during the fight and is shocked when the mysterious Gem who has been helping the Crystal Gems was Hessonite all along much to the suprise of no one. Pyrope and Demantoid later use the Prism Box to steal Hessonite's Prism George and force him to fuse with their other Prisms into a Massive Prism Mech. The Crystal Gems eventually defeat Pyrope and Demantoid and use the Prism Box to take away the duo's Prisms and Demantoid's Limb Enhancers. Pyrope and Demantoid eventually lash out at each other causing them to poof. Hessonite picks up their gemstones to watch over them in case they regenerate.


  • Pyrope's race along with Demantoid are mentioned in the episode Together Alone by Blue Diamond.



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