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Pyros, also known as the Lava Titan and The Lord of Flames, is one of the supporting antagonists in the 1997 animated Disney film Hercules. He is one of the Titans that were imprisoned by Zeus, and seeks revenge on the Gods of Olympus.

He was voiced by Jim Cummings.


Pyros is a mass of molten lava with bright yellow eyes and a light hunchback.


Pyros and his brothers were Titans that Zeus had defeated and imprisoned. A few thousand years later, Pyros and the other three Titans were released by Hades. The Titans managed to take over Mt. Olympus. However, after that, Hercules defeated Pyros when Stratos was used by him, so that he can suck up Pyros and the other two Titans. Eventually, Stratos was then flung into outer space to his demise along with and the others by Hercules.

Powers and Abilities

Pyros has immortality, possesses superhuman strength, he has an ability to generate powerful lava, appropriate to his element and alias.


  • Pyros was originally one of the Hercules villains to not appear in the Kingdom Hearts series, but he finally appeared in Kingdom Hearts III.
  • His name comes from the Greek pyr (Gen. pyris), which means fire. However, Pyros's body is made of LAVA, although it does set things on fire.


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