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Qali is a supporting antagonist from the 1998-99 TV show Mortal Kombat: Conquest, serving as one of the two secondary antagonists (the other being Vorpax) of "The Essence" and the central antagonist of "The Festival of Death".

She was portrayed by Roshumba Williams.


Qali was an Edenian and a childhood friend of Princess Kitana with whom she trained and was loyal to her. Her family was killed during Shao Kahn's invasion of the realm and he swore to avenge them and restore Edenia, but also pretended to by loyal to Shao Kahn, as she was powerless against him.

At some point Shao Khan, wanted to attain The Essence of Edenia, an item which contains a mysterious living force with the power to bring back life to Edenia, in order for him to destroy it and prevent Edenia's restoration which would ruin his plans. After interrogating an Edenian servant girl of Kitana, he found out that the Essence was somewhere in the Earth Realm, so he ordered Qali to retrieve it. Qali initially rejected, telling him that she is loyal to Kitana, but Shao Kahn threatened her. Qali informed Kitana about this and they both traveled to the Earthrealm to find it, and with help of another Edenian named Daahraan, the found Kung Lao and his friends. Qali dueled and defeated Taja, one of Kung Lao's friends, but was stopped by Kitana and Kung Lao, who accepted to aid them. Qali tried to steal the Essence behind Kitana's back, but was confronted by Kung Lao, forcing her to confess the truth about her alliance with Shao Kahn. They were then joined by Vorpax who upon Shang Tsung's orders fought Kung Lao along with Qali in order to present the Essence to Shang Tsung, who would use it to buy his freedom from the Cobalt Mines of Shokan. The duo was defeated by him and retreated. Shang Tsung then told Qali to inform Shao Kahn that he had destroyed the Essence.

Some time later, Qali appeared once again, this time hosting a mysterious festival in the city of Zhu Zin known as Festival of Death, which was actually a cult. Through this, she was aiding Quan Chi with undead warriors with the help of one of his fighters, Mika. The festival wasn't true, and it's purpose was for the winner of the tournament to lose to Mika and be killed. They were soon discovered by Kung Lao and his friends who tried to stop them. Among the participants of the tournament was Lori, a friend and student of Kung Lao who wanted to prove herself. They were also discovered by Vorpax, who then informed Shang Tsung. He made a deal with Qali and used this opportunity to kill Kung Lao, by having an ancient warrior raised from the dead to fight him in the tournament. Kung Lao won, thus ruining Shang Tsung's plans and forcing Qali to leave making herself an enemy of Quan Chi by aiding Shang Tsung. She wasn't seen again after this.


Qali resembles both Jade and Tanya, two other Edenian female warriors who are known for changing sides according to what suits them and being traitorous. Qali, even though not evil as the likes of Shao Kahn, Shang Tsung or Quan Chi, preferred to betray her people and her best friend as well as sacrifice many innocent lives in order to survive herself.

Powers and Abilities

Having trained with Kitana since she was a child, Qali was very skilled, able to easily defeat Taja, and managed to give Kung Lao some trouble with Vorpax's help but eventually lost to him.



  • Kitana (formerly)
  • Vorpax
  • Shang Tsung
  • Mika (formerly)
  • Shao Kahn (formerly)


  • Great Kung Lao
  • Taja
  • Siro
  • Kitana (formerly)
  • Mika (formerly)
  • Shao Kahn (formerly)


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