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I'd really like it to go differently, just for once. But history repeats itself. Endlessly. You two are way too stubborn! Incapable of having a realistic vision of what's good for our people!
~ Qilby

Qilby is the main antagonist in the second season of the French animated series Wakfu. he is an elderly Eliatrope of the Primordial Age and a member of the Council of the Six, is considered the grandfatherly figure with considerable knowledge of wakfu energy, and the brother of Shinonome. However, he seems troubled about something from his past; unlike the other members of the council, Qilby does not forget its memories when reviving. Also knowing Orgonax's heart thief, Qilby was the Eliatrope that unleashed the end of his civilization and Pháeris ripped an arm because it was the cause of the Invasion. He was ultimately imprisoned in the Blank Dimension by Yugo.

In the French version, he was voiced by the late Erik Colin in the second season, and by Laurent Morteau in the third season. In the English dubbed version, he was voiced by Arthur Bostrom in the second season, and by Joe Ochman in the third season.


Qilby was one of the first generation of Eliatropes and one of the few adult ones seen in the animated series, initially showing compassion and a desire to bring his people back from their prison/sanctuary. However, he later shows his darker side after fusing with the cube (either the effects of it or his true self). He is extremely diabolical, manipulative, conniving, amoral, sly, and possibly insane because his reincarnations never lost their memories, unlike his brothers and sisters. He provoked a war that nearly destroyed his race, set loose a demon invasion and wanted to absorb the wakfu of an entire world to power his ship, though he seems to not care for the consequences. In the end, his greatest fear was to end up alone as evidence when he showed he was afraid of being trapped in the White Dimension again.


Qilby is a tall, slim man. His has long brownish-blonde hair accompanied by a beard tied up to keep it well-kept. On his face, he has golden eyes and has brown-framed monocle-shaped glasses adorning it. He previously had two arms, but lost his left from Phearis during the war against his people and the Mechasms due to his treachery that started it all to begin with. Like all Eliatropes, Qilby wears a defined hat with noticeable extensions that appear more like dragon horns than ears of some kind. His attire consists of a white shirt with long sleeves, a pair of baggy brown pants, and sandal-like shoes.

While possessing the Eliacube, his appearance changes entirely. His skin apparently becomes ghostly white. His hair turns black along with his beard not being tied up, but rather kept straight. His sclera and irises turn as luminescent blue as the color of wakfu itself. Black markings also adorn his body, including his hat while his lips appear blue. Speaking of his hat, the horn-like extensions of it stand up straight and the string bindings of the horn-extensions broke during his transformation, indicating his Eliatrope wings underneath have changed. His black hair now hangs out from the torn opening in the back. He no longer has a shirt on to cover his upper-torso or his sandal-like shoes. His pants turn from brown to white also. Finally, he has the Eliacube in the shape of a makeshift arm to replace the one he lost.

After Qilby's Eliatrope arm is severed, his body mostly reverts to his original appearance, with his hair is now a paler, straw-like colour and his lips remain blue. He also, despite his Eliacube arm regaining its original cube form, still has a short stub of the arm attached to his torso.

Powers and Abilities

Qilby has all of the same powers as Yugo though many of them are more advanced versions. One particular trait about

Qilby's arm robot

Eliatropes was their "immortality" of sorts. Even when after they die, they were simply reborn from their ashes, much like phoenixes. Different incarnations, new memories, same soul. This was why they were such an effective race. As well as an assortment of other Wakfu abilities (including the ability to summon a scythe made of the stuff), he also has full knowledge of the Eliacube and its workings (Nox spent 200 years just trying to figure out how to work it) makes him even more dangerous than Nox, he is also able to remember his past lives, which is unique for his species, and implied to be the source of his thirst for knowledge and madness, which he later stated was a curse.


Oh, believe me, little dragon, there's much worse than the death.
~ Qilby threating Adamai.
You, idiot! You're a just a pawn. Do what you want with this world, soon there will be nothing left of it
~ Qilby explaining Rushu his evil intentions after betrays him.
Ah, Yugo... It's such a pleasure to see you again, do you like the show? I never liked violence, but seeing idiots tear each other apart fascinates me. Compared the intellect, stregh is nothing.
~ Qilby to Yugo after contemplating the fight between Sufokians and Shushus.
You're the ones who betrayed me, not the other way around, you disgraceful brothers! My dragon sister is the only one who ever supported me. And soon we'll be together again, to lead Eliatrope people! And belevie me, Yugo... You won't ruin my plans a second time.
~ Qilby anger with Yugo for accusing him of the chaos he caused by taking the Shushus into his world.
Believe me, i would've liked this to happen differently. Farewell, Yugo!
~ Qilby a few moments before killing Yugo.
Phaeris... Tell me where my Dofus in, and maybe i'll forgive you for my arm.
~ Qilby asking his nemesis in good terms to return his Dofus.
(Phaeris: Qilby can feel his Dofus vibrations, and i'm afraid he won't take long to catch up with us.) You're such a good soothsayer, Phaeris. I'll never thank you enough for taking care of my property for all these centuries.
~ Phaeris warning of the arrival of Qilby to locate his Dofus and being answered by the same.
Yugo... My good Yugo... You are irremedable. What you must understand despite our disagreements, is what we've always had the same objectives: to serve our people. (Yugo: You're confusing "serve our people" and "make our people save you". You've only thought of youserlf. We have nothing in common! I'm here, Qilby. Blackstabbing is your specialty... not mine.) You've always been arrogant, Yugo.
~ Qilby reasoning with Yugo about the same goals in which they themselves should not differ, if not unify.
I have an understanding and knowledge that you'll never have the slightest grasp of, Yugo. Unlike you, i keep the memory of each one of my past lives. I witnessed the birth of our people... from its rise, up until its fall. (Yugo: Which you are responsible for!) Of course! There was nothing left to do on our planet, and nobbody seemeed to listen to me. (Yugo: You provoked the Mechasms' attack, you knew your people would suffer fron it and would have to flee. Still you did it. You put our world in danger and today you're about to sacrifice another one.) You see things with the simplicity linked to your age and lack of maturity. If, like me, you had accumulated several thousands of years of knowledge, you would understand that we are nothing in the Krosmoz.
~ Qilby arguing that it is not worth risking his life for the World of Twelve and living beings to those who do not have the greatest interest.
Living beings think that they're at the heart of all things, their daily life is most important. Let's leave that to small souls, Yugo. We have the luck of being immortal, of being able to sail the Krosmoz without worrying about anything, but flowing in the ediess of the universe. Creatures are born and disappear by the thousands as very second passes! Worlds are exploding and forming! Our people have the luck of witnessing this krossmic dance, and you would fight againts that? Intending to defend a world that isn't yours? (Yugo: That's where you're wrong, Qilby. This "world" is mine! Iv'met wonderful people here... And despite all your big speeches, I'm ready to give my life to defend it!) Your always had the ability to give your life for the most insignificant things, Yugo.
~ Qilby underestimating the value of mortal life forms that he does not consider neat.
Phaeris? You're pledging allegiance to a brat, while knowing what i cloud bring to our people? (Phaeris: You will never bring... what our people... have always needed.) Which is? (Phaeris: Some heart!.)
~ Qilby disagreeing about Phaeris' act of bravery and his inability to know how to lead a people with pure love.





  • In Qilby's flashbacks during the second season of Wakfu. In particular, his Noxines look almost identical to the small flying creatures that appear in countless numbers during the attack. One possible explanation would be that Nox got many ideas from the memories stored in the Eliacube, rather than simply raw power.
  • We know that West has gathered the 6 dofus that existed and because of that it created a cataclysm that ended the Age of the Dofus. If he managed to reunite the 6 dofus, it theoretically means that he got his hands on the original Dofus of each member of the Council of Six.
    • In reality, it is not so, the six Dofus that Ogrest holds are the Dofus of the Osamodas dragons. There are 12 Dofus in all.
  • Qilby s3.png
    It was originally planned that Qilby would return in the third season (possibly taking a role similar to Oropo or secondary), since the color of his wakfu's arm would have a greenish color, but early the idea was rejected, remaining as a simple cameo character. A single sketch of art would reveal its important apparition.
  • He is only main villain to have no conflict or fight with the rest of the Tofu Clan and without them knowing about their dark scams, unique else with Yugo and Adamai.
    • Also is the only villain didn't have a romantic interest with any other character, in spite of that, he has an unconditional love for his beloved dragon sister. After all, Qilby is one of the most heartless villains, serious, cruel, selfish, bloodthirsty and demented at least in the Wakfu franchise together with Rushu. This is because he has always had the ambition to acquire more knowledge and have control of all his people, proclaiming himself as an inherent savior and that he would do anything to excel for others, even being alone for his egoism. Neither did he have any reprimand for all the crimes he has committed, nor did he redeem measuring the consequences, spending his last energies on attacking Yugo in a fit of rage. Qilby is also the only villain capable of corrupting mentally internal fullness of Yugo, feeling such a grudge against him, and speech it as a latent threat.


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