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The first contact was bound to happen. The galaxy, let alone the universe was simply too big for just a singular species to develop intelligence in. Any delay in contact only meant a heightening of the eventual culture shock. In humanity's case, this "culture shock" meant the complete extinction of mankind as it had come to be known.
~ The Author first describing the Qu.

The Qu are a fictional, sapient race of extraterrestrial insectoid beings who act as the main antagonists of the speculative evolution book All Tomorrows, written by Nemo Ramjet. Due to their advanced technology, they perceived themselves as the rightful masters of the universe and sought to remake it in their own image by warping other sapient species they considered unworthy into freakish, bizarre beasts wherever they went.

They are responsible for mutating humanity beyond any recognition and cruelly enslaving them before departing, only to eventually be defeated and subjugated by the very race they experimented on.


The Qu are insectoid creatures with four wings, stalked eyes, pincer-like jaws, and a long prehensile tail that allows them to manipulate their appliances. They are also said to have aquatic larvae.


Little is known about the species' past or evolutionary ancestry, but it was well known across the galaxy that they were intergalactic, highly-advanced conquerors who sought to create a great empire under the perception they were the only rightful rulers of the universe and other species were not worthy of sapience. They also possessed such developed technology in genetic engineering, they constantly kept self-modifying and transformed other sentient beings into devolved monstrosities they enslaved.

In their first contact with mankind, the Qu triumphed in their invasion, colonized every habitable world and transformed humans into a multitude of strange forms as a display of their power. They dominated the galaxy for forty million years, then moved on to follow their dogma of tailoring ecosystems as they saw fit. After about five-hundred million years, the asteromorphs along with other extragalactic species re-discovered the Qu and successfully defeated them, putting a definite end to their monstrous campaign. While it isn't specified if the Qu were defeated and driven to extinction or simply subjugated, the author makes it clear their reign of terror has finally ended for good.