Quattro is a villainess in Nanoha StrikerS.


Quattro was a clone created by Jail Scaglietti. Originally manufactured as an intelligence-processing type to support Uno, she was later upgraded with illusionist and ECM capacities. This was caused to boost her potential as a rear commander. Unlike her other sisters, whom were made with Jail's genetic material, Quattro was free thinking, and could control her own words and actions. Thus, she would conjure up an act when around her sisters. She also had a friendly and playful attitude when it came to her job. In one episode, she manipulates Nanoha and Fate's daughter Vivio by saying that Nanoha was not her mother, and that she was an idiot. All of this happens when she was painfully transforming Vivio into her adult form. She then tells Vivio to attack her mother. Nanoha later shoots Quattro with a Divine Buster blast, while she ran across the Saint's Cradle. This does not kill her. However, soon after this, she is imprisoned, and is shown not joining the Time-Space Administration Bureau, because she still felt devouted to Jail.

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