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Kris Get The Banana [...] Potassium
~ Queen's most famous quote.
Kris I Just Want To Make Everyone Smile And If I Become An Evil Villain To Accomplish That Is That Bad? It's Okay You Do Not Have To Answer You Would Be Wrong
~ Queen explaining the truth behind her goals to Kris.

Serial Number Q5U4EX7YY2E9N, better known as simply Queen, is a major character in the indie video game Deltarune, serving as a mentioned character in Chapter 1 and the main antagonist of Chapter 2 (the main antagonist of the Neutral Route and the central antagonist of the SnowGrave Route). She describes herself as a computer.

She is the tyrannical ruler of Cyber World who plans to expand her domain across the entire Light World by covering it in darkness, believing that world domination will give her the power to make all Darkners and Lightners happy.


Queen is a tall and slim black, blue and white Darkner with a teardrop shaped head similar to Lancer and King. She wears a black and azure top with azure shoulderpads, a large white collar, white pants, black high-heeled boots, and blue gloves. The "shadow" in front of her eyes is shaped similarly to a heart, continuing the theme of Lancer and King's spade-shaped faces.

In her GIGA Queen form, she has long white legs, azure high-heels, a gem in the center of her chest, a blue suit, blue shoulder pads and her head resembles more of a star than a hood.


Why The Heck (Hell) Would I Want To End The World?
~ Queen revealing that, despite her actions, she doesn't want to bring upon the Roaring and cause mass genocide.

Unlike the King from the previous chapter, Queen is nowhere as evil as he is. While he was completely aware that what he was doing was wrong and took joy out of hurting the heroes, Queen actually thought that what she was doing was for the greater good. She is quite calm and holds no hatred for the Lightners. She is even willing to make a truce and work with them when "needed" to be. When called out by Ralsei that her actions would indirectly be mass genocide for the Darkners, she was shocked and called off her plan, proving that she genuinely had no intention to wipe out her own race. That said, she is not above threatening to crush Susie into many 8-bits if Noelle doesn't create the new empire. However, it is possible this was an empty threat. It could be argued that she takes the roles that both Lancer and King served in Chapter 1.

At first she poses as a big threat to the heroes, she is actually revealed to be immature, kind and hilarious, which is quite similar to Lancer.

She appears to speak in a monotonous robotic voice, evident by her capitalizing every letter in her dialogue as well as either neglecting the use of punctuation marks or putting them in rather weird places, for computer-y effects like imitating a text template (e.g. You Have Been: [text]). She also has a habit of using internet slang, such as "LOL" (Laugh Out Loud) and "LMAO" (Laughing My Ass Off).

Queen can be quite oblivious to her surroundings. As multiple times was Noelle was in the area with her and would hide by wearing a poor disguise (a box over her head with a face drawn on the front.) Queen would either fail to completely notice her presence or, she will see her but regard her as an entirely different person, possibly a joke on today's facial recognition software. However, she is extremely intelligent when it comes to planning and strategizing.

Queen also has a close relationship with her adopted(?) son, Lancer. The two only interact at the end of Chapter 2, but they form a close bond by lounging on chairs and making fun of Ralsei by calling him "Peach Boy". Lancer admits she is like a third dad to him and refers to her as "Girldad". Queen has no qualms with adopting Lancer despite knowing him for only a few minutes, as she enjoys his antics and even proudly announces herself as his mother.


Chapter 2

Queen was at first a kind and benevolent ruler (or, at the very least, not as tyrannical as she was during the story), until she saw the Knight create the Dark Fountain that gave form to the Cyber World. Realizing what power Lightners hold and how she could make them happy, Queen started formulating a plan to create more Fountains to expand the Dark World outside the constraints. To open new Fountains, Queen realized she needed a Lightner with the same powers as the Knight; namely, the power of Determination.

When Noelle Holiday and Berdly enter the Cyber World, Queen abducts Noelle in hopes of recruiting her for her plan, and reluctantly accepts Berdly as a minion. While Noelle refuses to become the new Knight, Queen insists that she knows what's best for her. When Kris and Susie enter, Queen introduces herself and tells them her intention to make Noelle her "willing peon" and entertains the idea of turning her face into a robot one for fun before sending minions to attack them.

After a while, Noelle relents to Queen's requests and joins her, finding herself unable to say no even though she disagreed with the plan. On the roller coaster, Queen tries to get Noelle to fight the Lightners, but Noelle just talks to Susie, so Queen summons Berdly instead. After Berdly's bumper car explodes, Noelle makes her escape, and Queen, worried, decides to go looking for her in the city below. To aid her search, Queen forms a temporary truce with Kris, not knowing that Noelle is hiding from her nearby. It becomes increasingly evident that Queen genuinely cares for Noelle. On the other hand, Queen also does her best to avoid Berdly, whom she finds extremely annoying.

Normal Route

Eventually, the Lightners, including Noelle and Berdly, reach the Queen's Mansion, where the Queen declares the end of her truce with Kris and imprisons everyone but Ralsei (she didn't have a cage for him), who she recruits as a butler. Berdly joins forces with the heroes to take down Queen and save Noelle. However, Berdly's plan to rescue Noelle fails and the two are quickly recaptured. To put Berdly back under her control, Queen attaches a plug to his face, and she sends him to attack the heroes. After a battle with Queen and the controlled Berdly, Queen once again retreats and delivers a monologue on the Knight and wanting to use the power of the Lightners to expand the Cyber World with more dark fountains. Susie strikes her down, but Queen only retreats to her giant robot, GIGA Queen.

After the fight with GIGA Queen, Noelle tells Queen that she'll never be happy if Queen is controlling her. With the GIGA Queen body damaged and the battery running out, Queen tells Noelle to choose the world that makes her happy before shutting down. Noelle, Susie and Berdly realise together that Dark Worlds are much better than the Light World, as they have cool superpowers and friends. As Berdly prepares to make a new Dark Fountain, Ralsei interrupts him. The Darkner reveals that opening more Dark Fountains will bring the Roaring, an event which will summon the Titans: Gigantic creatures that will destroy the world and cause chaos. The surviving Darkners will be trapped in stone, while the Lightners will be trapped in an endless night. Queen realizes the error of her ways, claiming she didn't know about the Roaring, and ends hostilities with the Lightners. She then goes to Castle Town with the rest of the recruited Darkners.

If Kris goes to talk to the King in his cell, he mentions that Queen will be there to stop them. Susie then tells him that they already made peace with her, much to his shock as she shows up. King and Queen exchange nicknames and talk before Queen decides to leave. Before she does so, Queen announces that she will be looking after Lancer from now on, stating that she is his mother now.

Snowgrave Route

Early on, Queen plays a similar role as in the Normal Route, being introduced as the primary antagonist. However, after Noelle joins Kris, Queen does not appear again for a very long time, as Kris and Noelle spend a long time freezing all of her minions in Cyber City.

After Berdly is frozen and killed using the SnowGrave spell, Noelle tells Kris that she is feeling unwell and returns to Queen's Mansion by herself. Concerned for her well-being, Queen welcomes Noelle to her room and tells her to rest. Her plan unsuccessful, Queen decides to look for Berdly instead, but her sensors can't detect him anywhere. With many of her forces depleted, a maniacal salesman known as Spamton takes over the mansion and redecorates it in his own image, upgrading himself to a NEO form.

In her next attempt to salvage her plan, Queen tries to convince Kris and Susie to become the new Knight in Noelle's place, but immediately gives up after Ralsei tells her about the Roaring. Susie and Ralsei offer to let her stay their Castle Town instead, which she accepts, hoping she might be able to see Noelle again in the future. Spamton NEO replaces her as the final boss. After arriving in Castle Town, Queen takes notice of the empty population (since Kris, or rather the player, forced Noelle to kill everyone with her ice spells) and becomes somewhat despondent.



  • Queen's distinctive laugh can be heard upon starting Chapter 2. A wireframe version of Queen also appears on the splash screen before the Chapter 2 file select.
  • The way that Queen speaks (Capitalizing The First Letter Of Every Word With Little To No Punctuation) may have been inspired by Kanaya Maryam from Homestuck, which Toby Fox also worked on.
  • Queen's "serial number" contains all of the letters needed to spell her name, in the right order.
  • Before her appearance in Chapter 2, fans have made art of Queen based on their own interpretation of how she would look. Most of which consists of her wearing a castle getup, fitting into the attire of which her husband and son wear.
  • Queen telling Kris to get the banana for the potassium has become a meme, so much so that the popular online Undertale and Deltarune fangame Undercards put in a banana card with purely "POTASSIUM" as its effect. However, this effect does nothing.
    • There is also a popular voice-clip on Youtube where Queen repeatedly screams at Kris to get the banana.
  • In the introduction to her mech fight, Queen says, "Finally, a worthy opponent", which is a reference to Tai-Lung's famous quote from Kung-Fu Panda.
  • It's kept ambiguous if Lancer is her biological or adopted son, or if she and King had a past relationship.
    • Though it is likely considering they are King and Queen, which are commonly paired together. They also have very similar color schemes and argue similarly to a divorced couple.
  • Funnily enough, Queen takes the roles of both Lancer and King from the previous chapter; As she is the antagonist who wants to create more fountains (King's role), yet she really does not want to hurt anyone as she appears frequently throughout the story and has her fair share of hilarious moments (Lancer's role).
  • If the player loses against Queen in the Mechfight, she ducks down repeatedly in a taunting manner. This is possibly a reference to the act of "teabagging", where a player crouches down repeatedly over another dead player to celebrate their victory in a disrespectful way.
  • In the dialogue that many players (and Noelle) assume is Queen's threat to dip Berdly into the acid river she says a "Certain Bird Is Going To Take a Swim In The Acid River". When interacting with the swan boat in the acid river, it states that a "certain bird is taking a swim in the acid river", which means Queen was not referring to Berdly but instead the boat and this was an empty threat.


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