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You pleasures had a chance to get useful skills, but you lost that bet! Now you are only good enough to laugh! And you waiters! No matter how long you wait, no more SMILEs will come! You have missed the opportunity to acquire skills! You will be waiters forever! You losers can only be of use to the almighty Beast Pirates turning into ice onis now!
~ Queen.

Queen is an All-Star of the Beasts Pirates and a major antagonist in Wano Country Arc of One Piece. He is one of Kaido's right-hand men, along with Jack and King. He has a bounty of 1,320,000,000 berries. Many years ago, he was once a member of MADS (alongside Vegapunk and Vinsmoke Judge).

He was voiced by Hiroki Takahashi.


In his first appearance, Queen is shown to be disrespectful in a conversation with both All-Stars, King and Jack. According to King, Queen is known for psychologically abusing their targets and breaking their spirits. Despite their disrespectful behavior, Queen is shown to be a trusted and loyal member of the Beasts Pirates. Queen is shown to be jubilant when he begins to dance in Udon prison. Queen also have a lustful personality when he looks at a picture of Komurasaki because of her beauty and express his desire to go the the Pleasure District after staying at Udon. He is shown to be lenient to Luffy and respected his strength when he encounters him by offering him to be a member of the Beasts Pirates. Queen even gives Luffy multiple chances to join the Beasts Pirates. Queen got amused when Luffy used Conqueror's Haki.

Queen shows a gluttonous side by how he consumes a large amount of Oshirukos (red bean porridge with rice cake mochi) and prefer to have it all to himself. He is not willing to share his food with anyone and he will become enraged if anyone wants to eat the food that he have. Queen shows that he is not fearful of confronting a powerful enemy like Big Mom and is willing to refuse to give her any of his O-Shirukos. According to some of his subordinates, Queen will become angry if he does not get any of his food to eat.

Queen also shows that he is composed under a stressful situation like having Big Mom rampage throughout his prison. He is able to command his men to take on a dangerous situation, like an angry Big Mom, despite already getting battered by her. Despite not showing fear towards Big Mom, Queen is shocked when she regains her memories, recognize him, and emanates a powerful and intimidating aura. Knowing the danger Big Mom poses, Queen is willing to handle the problem she posed and trusts his other teammates like Babunuki to watch over the prison while Queen detained and escorted Big Mom to Onigashima where Kaido resides. After successfully escorted Big Mom to Onigashima, he gives the blame on King for enabling Big Mom to arrive on Wano.

Despite his fears toward Big Mom, Queen is disrespectful towards her by calling her an "old hag" and refuses to remove the chains that cuffed her.

Queen takes betrayals very seriously as he has no qualm to dealing with traitors such as X Drake for his betrayal of freeing Trafalgar D. Water Law from prison.


Beasts Pirates

  • Beasts Pirates: Queen is loyal to his crew and his subordinates are loyal to him. However, he cares little for the lives of his subordinates and was even willing to let them suffer from the effects of his experiments.
  • Kaido: As one of his three right hand men, Kaido trusts Queen in his abilities. He is assigned to recruit powerful individuals by breaking their wills to submit to Kaido and the Beasts Pirates. Queen claimed that Kaido forgets those who caused misfortune and forgives them if they join the Beast Pirates. Unlike his crew, Queen calls Kaido by his name rather than Boss, suggesting a casual standing between them. To show his loyalty to Kaido, Queen is willing to stop Big Mom and take her to Onigashima. Queen will not let anyone go to the roof to face Kaido as he stopped Luffy and Zoro.
  • King: Similar to Zoro and Sanji as well as Kaku and Jabra, Queen holds a rivalry to King. But they have mutual relationship by insulting Jack. When Big Mom successfully invades Wano, Queen furiously blames King for enable Big Mom to infiltrate.
  • Jack: For Jack's failures, Queen scolds him as he and King called Jack as "Jack The Stooge". Jack respects him by calling him "Big Brother Queen". When Queen escorts Big Mom, Jack asks Queen why did he brought her which he angrily responds he has no choice since the communications on Udon were cut off.
  • The Flying Six: Queen states to the other Beasts Pirates that whoever can capture Luffy for him, he would make a new seat available for the Flying Six. This implies, that Queen holds a level of antagonism for a member within the group and that he has no problem with having that person killed and replaced with another member.
  • Scratchmen Apoo: Queen seems to be on good terms with the pirate. They have not shown any hostility towards each other. Queen made a "game" for Apoo to escape while having the antidote of the "Ice Demons".
  • Babanuki: He is one of the main jailers at Udon Prison that Queen trusts. When Big Mom invaded Udon Prison and was incapacitated afterwards, Queen entrusted Babanuki to watch over the rest of the prison. However, Queen did not know he was lied to by Babanuki who said everything in the prison was all right. During the night of the Fire Festival, Queen was vexed when he thought over a few times when Babanuki said everything at the prison was under control. When seeing Luffy wasn't detained, Queen shown his fury when he realized Babanuki was lying (due to him being detained by Tama's devil fruit abilities).
  • Waiters and Pleasures: During the raid, Queen purposefully infected the waiters and pleasures with his ice zombie virus. Not only did he care that their lives were in danger he took pleasure in seeing them succumb to the effects of his virus. Queen openly views both waiters and pleasures as expendable pawns and thinks that they are only useful to him by becoming infected with his virus. Due to Queen's actions, the Waiters and Pleasures who were infected and those close to them turned against Queen for attempting to kill them.


  • Monkey D. Luffy: When Luffy was imprisoned in Udon Prison, Queen has respect for the young captain for his reputation and strength. When he repeatedly offer him to join the Beasts Pirates in exchange for Kaido to forgive him which he refused. Queen forced Luffy into a deadly sumo wrestling to force him to submit. He fights Luffy until their fight was interrupted by Big Mom's arrival. When he failed attempted to break Luffy's will, Queen allowed his minions to kill Luffy. When Luffy and Zoro attempted to get to rooftop to face Kaido, Queen intercepted them from getting to the roof.
  • Hyogoro: Queen knows the legendary Yakuza boss. Queen mocks Hyogoro for becoming a weak old man. Hyogoro surprises Queen when he defeats Alpacaman with his advanced busoshoku Haki. In the raid of Onigashima, Queen shown in disapproval when seeing Hyogoro.
  • Eustass Kid: Queen has knowledge on Kid's strength and attempts to torture him to submit to the Beast Pirates. When Kid learns Orochi messed with Killer, Kid expresses contempt towards Queen, the Beasts Pirates and Orochi as he wants to make them pay.
  • X Drake: For freeing Law from his cell, Queen intend to get information from X Drake. Queen, Who's-Who, and Hawkins wanted to know if Drake worked for anyone or if he worked alone. Queen intended to get information from him by torturing him. When Drake was cornered, he ran off from Queen and the others and attempts to ally with Luffy against the Beasts Pirates. Queen called Drake as a spy instead of a traitor.
  • Tony Tony Chopper: Queen did not like that Chopper created a virus as a cure to counter the deadly effects of his virus. Queen mistakes Chopper as a tanuki and keeps referring to him as one. In response to calling him a tanuki multiple times, Chopper corrected him and attacked him.
  • Sanji: Queen immediately recognized Sanji as the son of his former colleague, Vinsmoke Judge. He addressed Sanji as Judge's son which Sanji angrily replied to the All-Star to never calling him by that reference (since he already disowned Judge due to his hatred towards his family). In their battle, Sanji defeated Queen.


  • Charlotte Linlin: As a rival of his governor-general, Queen views Big Mom as his enemy and refused to give her his favorite food, Oshiruko. When Queen lures her to the empty bowl, Queen attacks her causing her to regain her memories and fall asleep shortly afterwards. While she is asleep, Queen orders his troops to bind her with 100% pure seastone chain and injected her with beast tranquilizer. He escorts her to Onigashima where Kaido resides. When Big Mom asks the All-Stars to unbind her, Queen refuses her request by calling her an "old hag". When Kaido formed an alliance with Big Mom, Queen expresses displeasure. Despite Big Mom's notoriety for her immense strength, Queen is willing to stand up to her and stop her to bring her to Onigashima.
  • Vinsmoke Judge: Queen and Judge used to be colleagues in MADS but not anymore. Queen considered his time with Judge to be the past. When seeing Sanji's bounty, he immediately recognized Sanji by calling him Judge's son (unbeknownst to him that Sanji has disowned Judge due to his hatred towards family).

Powers and Abilities

As one of Kaido's commanders, he is very strong and is implied that he is stronger than Jack who is quite strong himself. As a ruler of Udon, he has full control of the prison mine. He has access of seastone items including 100% pure chains which is powerful enough to detain Big Mom.

Physical Strength

Queen has immense strength when he easily block Luffy's punch. Queen has tremendous durability and endurance when he was injured by Big Mom.

Queen has a very powerful will to be unaffected of Haoshoku Haki.

Devil Fruit Abilities

Ryu-Ryu no Mi, Model: Brachiosaurus

Queen ate the Ryu-Ryu no Mi, Model: Brachiosaurus, which allows him to become a Brachiosaurus hybrid or full Brachiosaurus at will. It also gives him the ability a boost in size and physical strength. In this form, he seems to possess superhuman endurance as he was able to survive a beating from Big Mom. He can also headbutt his target with this form causing the ground to crack beneath the target. Queen is also long enough to catch his enemies in midair when Luffy and Zoro attempted to get to the rooftop of Onigashima.

Cyborg Enhancements

Queen employs several cybernetic augmentations of his body that greatly assist him in battle. He claims to be a  so technologically advanced that even Vegapunk, the world's greatest scientific genius, and Queen's ex-colleague, would not be able to replicate him.  Queen has multiple high-tech weapons and mechanisms installed within his body, which he usually activates while employing his Zoan abilities. Among his enhancements are laser beams, metal grappling claws, rocket launchers and extendable mechanized limbs. In full brachiosaurus form, he has a double-barreled Gatling gun, artificial fangs and a laser beam cannon equipped at the end of his brachiosaurus tail and hair braid, as well as inside of his mouth, with the latter in particular being an extremely advanced form of technology that has only been replicated by master engineers like Franky and Vegapunk, a testament to Queen's own genius. Moreover, his neck area is modified with an in-built mechanical cable that allows him to extend his already long brachiosaurus neck beyond its normal range. He also has retractable needles in his teeth and voice activated rocket launchers in his sides. Queen's hybrid form displays a different set of modifications, such as clawed tentacle appendages located on his tail and braided hair, which is also capable of firing lasers from. His prosthetic left arm also changes shape, sporting a claw similar to the aforementioned appendages. His left arm was later destroyed by Sanji during the Raid on Onigashima Notably, Queen has done significant research on Germa 66's technology, with the intent of surpassing it through his own cybernetic replications. As such, Queen has access to most of the special powers held by the Vinsmoke siblings in their Raid Suits, such as Ichiji's optic beams, Niji's lighting shocks, Sanji's invisibility and Yonji's extendable metal arm.


Busoshoku Haki

Queen is capable of using Busoshoku Haki to harden his arm in order to defend against attacks. he was first Seen using it to harden his arm to block one of Sanji's attacks.

Kenbunshoku Haki

Queen possesses the ability to use Kenbunshoku Haki. as revealed in his vivre card.

Scientific Knowledge

According to his subordinates, Queen is knowledgeable on building things like making diseases. His epithet of Queen the Plague comes largely from his knowledge of making diseases and plagues and using it as weapons. For example, using creating a disease that can leave people mummified when they come into contact with it. Queen also created collars similar to the Celestial Dragons' bomb collar but contained blades inside instead of explosives. He created beast tranquilizers powerful enough to keep his enemies asleep such as Big Mom. Queen also created a powerful disease called Ice Oni that freezing his enemies until they die in one hour but his Gatling gun that fires Ice Oni was sliced into two by Roronoa Zoro.



Queen, along with King, Jack, and their leader Kaido helped Kurozumi Orochi in his plot to kill the Kozuki Family in a coup. During this incident, Queen played a role in helping Kaido and Orochi destroy the Kozuki Family's palace and killing the Kozuki Family. Since Kozuki Oden's death and the fall of the Kozuki Family, Queen along with the Beast Pirates takes up residence in Wano Country and are allies with Orochi and his forces.


Queen appears in a discussion with Jack and King about a new business partner for the Beasts Pirates since Doflamingo was no longer a part of their business. During their conversation, Queen and King insulted each other and both of them turned to insult Jack. After their meeting, He arrives at Udon prison with other Beasts Pirate members. Queen remarks at the noise inside the prison. When he got into the prison, he dances in front of his men. He then looks at a picture of Komurasaki and says that after spending time at the prison, they are going to go the Pleasure District. Queen sits on the throne and is informed of the problems at the prison. He is shocked to hear that Eustass Kid escaped, the key to the seastone chains are gone, and that Luffy is attempting to escape from prison. He orders his men to bring Luffy and Hyogoro to him. Queen offers Luffy an opportunity to join the Beast Pirates but the latter refused. Queen also insults Hyogoro and decides that he made up his mind to handle Luffy and Hyo.

Queen devises a plan to have Luffy and Hyogoro compete in a rigged sumo-wrestler match. Queen places collars on Luffy and Hyogoro's neck. He tells them that if they step out of the ring, the spikes inside the collar will react and decapitate them instantly. Queen also removes the sea-stone chains from Luffy and has his men get into the ring to fight Luffy and Hyogoro. Queen tells Luffy that the fight can end if he chooses to join the Beast Pirates. As the fight starts, Luffy knocks out Queen's men with Conqueror's Haki which Queen liked. Queen spectate the battles when Luffy manages to defeat the pleasures. Queen remarks that the O-Shirukos are important food to him and that he brought a lot of it to the prison for him to eat. Queen watches the competition and remains very interested in Luffy's and Hyogoro's battle against Alpacaman and Madilloman. As the fights continues into the night, Queen decides to postpone the fights until day time and leaves the arena. In the morning, Queen is notified by Kaido over the den-den mushi that Komurasaki is dead and cries after hearing the news. Queen is shocked to see Luffy and Hyogoro bloated and wonders how they gained so much weight overnight. Queen prepares a live-video den-den mushi of Komurasaki's funeral to see it for himself. Queen watches the execution of Yasuie and remarks on the laughter of the citizens and Orochi's cruelty.

When Eustass Kid is brought back to Udon prison along with Killer (for failing the mission Orochi gave him), Queen have them tortured by attempting to drown them in water. Queen tells Luffy that Kid and Killer would be released when both he and Hyogoro dies. Luffy gets angry at Queen's new rules and attacks him. Queen knocks back Luffy and angrily tells him that he is going to die. Queen's subordinates remarks on Queen's anger since he did not get to eat any O-Shirukos since waking up. Queen hears a loud noise outside and wants to know what is going on. To Queen, the Beasts Pirates, and Luffy's surprise, Big Mom appears after destroying a couple barriers.

Queen says he thought that Big Mom's ship sank and wonders why she is at Udon Prison. Big Mom tells Queen that she was told that there were O-Shirukos in the prison. Queen becomes agitated from her response and turns into his brachiosaurus form. He tells her that O-Shirukos is all his and that she will not have any of his food. In response to Queen's remark, Big Mom jumps up and slams Queen's head into the ground demanding the O-Shirukos. She grabs Queen and begins to spin him around demanding the O-Shirukos from him. Big Mom throws Queen onto the wall which resulted in him releasing Kid and Killer from their captivity and destroying the cell that Kawamatsu is contained in. He reverts back to his human form after suffering injuries. Despite being immobile from his injuries, Queen overhears Luffy admitting that the O-Shirukos he ate is delicious.

Queen gets up from his injuries and orders his men to mobilize against Big Mom when she returns to the same spot of the prison. When Big Mom returns after chasing Luffy around the prison, Queen goes into his brachiosaurus form and headbutts Big Mom. As he headbutts her, she regains her memories and Queen was shocked at the change in her aura as she recognizes Queen. Big Mom falls asleep and Queen takes the opportunity to have his men sedate her with 100 strong anesthetics into Big Mom and wrap her with 100 pure seastone chains. Queen and some members of the Beasts Pirates board a ship with Big Mom and proceeds to bring her to Onigashima island where Kaido resides. Queen leaves Babunuki in charge of Udon prison during his absence.

Queen escorts Big Mom to Onigashima island where she was fed food by the Beasts Pirates. Queen stands alongside Jack and King as they contemplate the issue of Big Mom being in Wano. Queen blames King for enabling her to enter the country. Jack wonders why Queen brings Big Mom to Onigashima to which Queen said he had no other choice since Udon's communication network was cut off. Queen witness Kaido ordering the Beasts Pirates to unchain Big Mom from the seastone chains. Queen along with the other Beasts Pirates are shocked to see the clash between both emperors. As Kaido and Big Mom fights each other, Queen chastises some of his teammates from wanting to get off Onigashima. He tells them, that he would not want to abandon his leader as he fight Big Mom. Queen also communicates with Babanuki as he wants to know what is going in Udon Prison. Babanuki tells Queen that Luffy, Kid, and the prisoners are in their cells and under control. Queen is glad to know that. Unbeknownst to Queen, Luffy and his allies taken over Udon Prison and Eustass Kid escaped again. Queen then got information from King, that the Numbers are coming to attend the upcoming banquet. Queen remarks that the Numbers drink too much, have a drinking problem and that he does not like them. Queen looks at Kaido and Big Mom and wonders why they are so happy even though they were trying to kill each other moments ago in a fight. Kaido and Big Mom announced that they are now allies and that the Beasts Pirates and the Big Mom Pirates will come together so that the two emperors can conquers the world. The two says that they can go back to fighting each other after taking over the world to Queen's surprise.

The evening of the Fire Festival, Queen is dancing near Kaido. Queen tells one of his subordinates that he wants more O-Shirukos to eat. The subordinate tells Queen that they are also preparing some for Big Mom to Queen's annoyance. Queen insists that he should get O-Shirukos. Queen starts off the fire festival by introducing members of the Beasts Pirates, the Big Mom Pirates, and Orochi's men. When he notices that Luffy have infiltrated the fire festival, Queen remembers a remark from Babanuki who said that everything at Udon Prison was fine. Queen announces to the Beasts Pirates that if they can stop Luffy then the individual who stopped him would be promoted to one of the Flying Six and that a current member of the Flying Six would be removed from position. Queen watches as the Beasts Pirates fight Luffy and Roronoa Zoro. After Luffy, Zoro, Kid, and Killer managed to get towards Kaido's mansion, Queen remained on stage. Queen was present when Orochi made his speech about Momonosuke's origins and his plan to take execute him until Kaido, King, and Jack appeared. Kaido announces to the Beast Pirates that he plans to make Momonosuke's execution interesting and that he have a new plan called the "New Onigashima Project".

After the announcement of the "New Onigashima Project", Kaido proceeds to get Orochi's men to join his side after asking them if they wanted to die standing against him. Queen remains present when Kaido speaks to Momonosuke and attempts to execute him after the latter tells the former that he is who is and that he intends to become the shogun of Wano. However, an explosion catches his attention. While they were focused on the explosion, the Nine Red Scabbards appear to their surprise and attack them before attacking Kaido. As Kaido falls off the stage from the attack and a couple men began attacking the Beasts Pirates, Queen overhears Luffy's declaration of war and his intentions of taking down Kaido, Big Mom, Orochi, and all their subordinates when he was talking to Big Mom. Big Mom laughs off what he said by saying that he have a small number of allies, Queen agrees with her and insults Luffy for his comment. However, Queen is surprised to hear that there are thousands of intruders at the festival from the recently released Udon prisoners to the recently released samurai, Trafalgar Law, Marco the Phoenix, Charlotte Perospero, and others. Queen tells his subordinates to stop partying and to prepare for battle.

As Jack left with a couple Beasts Pirates to assist Kaido against the scabbards and minks, Queen stood with King at Momonosuke execution platform. Queen remarks that Jack left them and King retorts to his statement. As King stops Shinobu from rescuing Momonosuke, Queen is surprised to see Momonosuke get released from his chains and levitate in mid-air. As Momonosuke tries to get away because of the invisible force, King attacks the invisible force which is revealed to be Sanji. Sanji was able to rescue Momonosuke from King and Queen by giving him to Shinobu. Queen stands and watches the battle unfold between the Beasts Pirates and their enemies. Soon enough, Zoro and Luffy appears on the platform near Queen and the two planned to go to the top of the skull dome to fight Kaido. Queen transforms into his Brachiosaurus form and prevents the two from reaching Kaido by grabbing them with his mouth. Queen notices King and a group of other winged Beasts Pirates acting as an aerial defense to prevent their enemies from reaching Kaido. Queen spits Luffy and Zoro back onto the floor below. Queen and King looks down at the their enemies from the top of the platform.

After stopping the Straw Hats from reaching Kaido, Queen and King retreats to the mansion. He talks to King about the current situation. Queen wonders what happened at Udon prison and how this situation unfolded. King insults and chastises Queen for how he poorly handled the situation. Queen remains present when King makes an announcement to the Flying Six to no longer pursue Yamato, but to focus on stopping the intruders. Moments after the announcements, Queen, Who's-Who, and Hawkins attacks and corners X Drake. Queen and the others know that Drake was the one who released Trafalgar Law from his imprisonment. They demanded to know if Drake works for someone or works by himself. Queen tells Drake that he intends to torture him to get information out of him. Drake escapes from all three of them.

Queen spectates the fights taking place in the Skull dome. During the chaos, Queen unleashes the ice zombie virus upon his enemies and allies by shooting it at indiscriminately at everyone near him. The virus slowly spreads around the people's body in the form of ice and it causes the people to turn into zombies. Queen watches in amusement as his enemies and allies contract the virus. Queen also gives Apoo Scratchmen the antidote to the virus and sends him to run around the area for his own personal amusement. During the chaos, Apoo was cut down by Zoro allowing Queen's enemies to have access to the antidote. To Queen's vexation, Chopper with the assistance of Marco and the others soon spread the antidote to stop the spread of the virus. Queen and King attempt to try and stop Marco from helping to get Zoro to the top of the Skull dome, but their attempt fails. As the virus continues to spread, Queen was satisfied to see allies and enemies succumb to the effects of the virus. When Chopper makes a virus as a cure to counter the effects of Queen's virus, Queen was visibly annoyed. Queen expressed more annoyance when he sees that lower-tier members of the Beast Pirates were defecting from the Beast Pirates to join the Straw Hats alliance against him. Chopper attacks Queen in response to what he has done and for mistakenly calling him a tanuki. Ultimately Chopper proved to be no match for him as Queen did not take him seriously as an opponent and kept easily withstanding Chopper's attacks, but their extended battle allowed Sanji to arrive in time and save Chopper, who then took over the fight against Queen.

In the final battle, he fought Sanji (who is the son of Queen's former colleague, Vinsmoke Judge). Queen used several attacks from his devil fruits and cybernetics while attempting to get the Straw Hat cook to use the raid suit. However, the battle awoke the dormant genetic enhancements of Sanji who used them to battle Queen. Eventually, the All Star used versions of the Vinsmoke siblings attacks but each weee counter. After Queen struck a woman, Sanji angrily defeated Queen. Queen was sent flying by Sanji.



  • In the colored-depiction of the manga and in the anime opening Queen has blonde hair whereas in the manga he is depicted having a dark-color hair.
  • Queen revealed that his favorite food is Oshiruko when literally refused to share with Big Mom.
  • Queen is the only All-Star who is human technically a cyborg.
  • Queen was the the highest known of the Yonko's crew member and the highest known of the Beasts Pirates until King's bounty revealed.
  • Queen was a Scientist, Pirate, and cyborg.
  • Queen is the oldest of the All-Stars.

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