Queen Ant
The Queen Ant is one of the several villains from the 1985 or 1986 Australian movie, Dot & Keeto (the others being a magpie, Nasty the Wasp and a spider). She had her soldiers, the bulldog ants, imprison the insect sized Dot, and make her their "prisoner of war" after she was presented to the queen herself (which plays her song and what she does, including laying eggs in the royal pouch). She later appeared near the end giving the human sized dot a moaning scowl during the insect comment parade in the song Red Kangaroo.
Queen's eggs.

The eggs she lays during her song.

From the song, the queen ant lays different worker bulldog ants depending on the days: Butchers on mondays, Bakers on Tuesdays, Poemmakers on Wednesdays, Doctors on Thursdays, Princesses on Fridays and Firemen on Weekends and Holidays.