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Villain Overview

I'm gonna unite the strings and destroy all music... except for rock!
~ Barb's most famous quote.
Oh, but by the end of my world tour, we're all gonna have the same vibe. We're all gonna be one nation of trolls...under Rock!
~ Barb
Barb: You know, other than your terrible taste in music and clothing and general lifestyle, you and me are the same, Popsqueak.
Poppy: No, we're not.
Barb: We're both queens who just want to unite the world.
Poppy: You don't want to unite the world. You want to destroy it!
Barb: Nuh-uh. No way. No. I don't know who told you that. Music has done nothin' but divide us. Now that I have the final string, I can make us all one nation of Trolls, under rock.
~ Barb thinks that she and Poppy are not so different.

Queen Barbara, or simply Barb, is the main antagonist of DreamWorks' 38th full-length animated feature film Trolls: World Tour. She is Thrash's daughter and the queen of the Hard Rock Trolls tribe who wants to overthrow the other tribes so that only Rock reigns supreme on the world.

She was voiced by Rachel Bloom in her first villainous role.


Barb is a middle aged Rock Trolls muddy red with amaranth eyes, a missing piece of her left ear, fang-like teeth and is distinguished from other trolls of his tribe by red hair wearing a mohawk.

In terms of clothing, Barb dresses in a rocker style: a torn tank top, studded bracelet, two earrings on his right ear and only one on the left, black fishnets on the legs and black panties.

When she regains her colors after her redemption, Barb briefly has longer and rainbow-colored hair.


Barb doesn’t want to unite us. She wants to destroy us.
~ Poppy about Barb.

Like all of her tribe, Barb has a wild, zealous and rebellious attitude worthy of a Rock fan. She has a very low opinion of the other tribes and their music, qualifying without any respect the Techno and the Classic to be not a real music. Of all the music, Barb hates Pop above all. She is also unscrupulous because to get what she wants, Barb does not hesitate to destroy everything, even if his opponents do not defend himself, showing a real love for destruction, savoring even the annihilation of the Pop village. Barb is quite selfish, offering the bounty hunter only a lousy piece of land if they succeed in their missions.

She doesn't have much control over her emotions, like when she felt offended when she read the request to become best friends with Poppy and considered it a mockery or when she got sparkling in the face, Barb quickly became furious and and smashed and tear up what was worn while shouting contempt for the Pop music.

In addition to hating Pop more than all, Barb seems to despise this style of music more than the others, apparently because the Pop Trolls were the cause of the separation of the tribes at the start. Ironically, Barb almost wanted to do the same by forcing the tribes to live under the rule of Rock and transforming them into Rock Zombies.

After Poppy destroys the string, Barb is devastated by this loss of her beloved music and hypocritically blames Poppy for ruining everything as the Pop Trolls have always done, even if it's her own actions that are mainly responsible for the destruction of all the music, although she seemed to feel some remorse when she realized that it was all her fault.

She also doesn't like someone wanting to be her friend just like that, because she thinks that friendship must be born after years of patience and mutual respect. Although she is loved by her people, Barb does not have the impression of having real friends but only subjects who tell her what she wants to hear because she is the queen. Surprisingly, despite looking down on Poppy from the start, Barb had a certain sympathy for her, even considering that she and Poppy are the same.

When the trolls managed to recreate the music because it now comes from their hearts, Barb was initially confused but after her father encouraged her to leaves the other beings who they really are and she too, Barb slowly understand during "Just Sing" that the difference was a good thing, while apparently touched by Poppy's sympathy for her after what she had done and finally regained her colors when she joined all the other trolls in the song, forgetting her old contempt for other music and proving that despite her actions, Barb was always able to change for the better. She even ends up accepting Poppy's friendship.


In the underwater depths of the Techno Troll Kingdom, King Trollex offers a concert to his beloved people until a submarine piloted by the Rock Trolls arrives and interrupts the party. Trollex approaches the foreign vehicle and the main window opens to reveal Barb. After introducing himself, Barb demands the Techno Trolls string but Trollex refuses because without his string, the Techno Trolls will no longer have their music. Amused by the words of the aquatic troll, Barb imitates the techno movement in an insulting manner and then declared that the Techno is not real music before deploying a fleet of submarines piloted by his minions. Without warning, The Rocks Trolls launch shock waves via their instrument to attack the Techno Trolls and ravage their kingdom. Horrified by so much destruction, Trollex hands over his string to the evil queen.

Meanwhile, Barb sends Debbie, her darling bat, to bring invitations as a trap to other Troll chefs for a fake party to bring their thong.

Once the Techno string is in her possession, Barb and her armies celebrate their victory by singing "Crazy Train" with a chaotic enthusiasm. The song finished, Barb shows the Techno string to her minions while qualifying that conquering the world will be too easy. After exchanging some handshake and storing the Techno string with her own Rock string on her guitar, Barb shares his success with her old senile father, Thrash, who quickly forgets his daughter's plan  to the point that Barb is forced to recap everything.

Barb then goes to Symphonyville, the home of the Classicals Trolls. Appearing in front of the locals in the middle of a concert, the diabolical queen immediately demands the string, which Trollzart refuses to do without fighting. The Classicals launch a warning in musical form, which annoys Barb who qualifies the music of these trolls as really boring since there is not even a word before launching shock waves on the Classicals who are quickly defeated. Symphonyville in ruins, Barb seizes the third string and takes prisoner all the Classicals.

Later, Debbie returns to the monstrous vehicles and Barb is shocked to see that Debbie is done makeover with glitter, to his horror. Comforting his little tuft of hair, Barb finds a letter from Poppy. On the letter, Poppy offers Barb help for her "party" and by the same if they can be best friends. Barb is offended by Poppy's request for friendship because for her no one can become friends without the trust and respect that take years to acquire. A small glitter bomb that was housed in the letter explodes on Barb's face with music also included in the letter. Suddenly, Barb enters a hysterical anger, followed by a ransacking of the room, all shouting that Pop disgusts it until exhaustion. When his father begins to sing the lyrics, Barb refuses to let such an affront pass and decides to hire trolls bounty hunters. When they are almost all there, Barb promises to offer to the one who brings him Poppy, a tiny (and even shabby) territory where they can keep their individual music. When the bounty hunters leave, Barb questions Riff about the absence of the Yoddlers but gets only a rumor, to her exasperation.

Off screen, the Rocks Trolls invaded the territory of the Countries Trolls, captured them all and took possession of their string.

In search of the Funk string, the Hard Rock Trolls proceeds to attack Vibe City. The Funk Trolls are ready to defend themselves but unfortunately for them, Riff disconnects their power source, leaving them vulnerable. As Barb prepares to invade Vibe City, she does not notice Poppy in a bubble right next to their monster vehicles, fleeing the city.

After obtaining the penultimate string, Barb and two of his henchwomen find the Yoddlers with the last string they were fighting with Poppy who is captured by the henchwomen. Finally having all the strings, Barb expresses her satifaction at never hearing Pop music again in her life until Poppy screams that she will not let her do it. Finally meeting Poppy, Barb is not impressed that she has only been dealing with a pipsqueak for all this time. After acknowledging that Poppy was a strong woman like her, Barb admitted that the Pop village hadn't been strong enough against her, revealing that the Pop village was ravaged by the Hard Rock Trolls.

With all the strings in her possession and all the other tribes captured, Barb and her army returned home to Volcano Rock City. Barb makes Poppy locked in a cage, while mockingly asking if being her best friend is as cool as she thought. Poppy replies that they are not friends, only so that Barb does not share her opinion because she knows that she cannot be a queen makes her feel alone without having the impression of having real friends. Barb then admits that despite Poppy's horrible taste in music and lifestyle, Barb considers them to be the same. Poppy refuses to believe it because all that Barb wants is to destroy the world but Barb affirms that the music only made them divided and that now thanks to the strings, she will be able to unite all the tribes in Rock. The evil queen puts the Pop string in place on her guitar, complete her magic weapon, under the frightened eyes of Poppy. Asked by Poppy about her future diabolical intention, Barb reveals that she will first play the Ultimate Power Chord without revealing the rest so that Poppy can see it for herself.

To celebrate her triumph, Barb offers a colossal and fiery concert to his people and to all the other tribes by force in the stands. She barely fails to unmask for the Snack Pack disguised as rockers who had escaped capture until Biggie shouted Barracuda and smashed the guitar, saving their cover. When the concert is over, Barb introduces the leaders of the other tribes, ending with Poppy, whom she describes as the worst of all. Asking the disturbed Rock Trolls if they wanted a demonstration of the Ultimate Power Chord, Barbs points her guitar at Poppy to use it on her until a heavy manual falls on her head. Removing the book from her face, Barb sees a hot air balloon with on board, Branch, K-Pop Gang and the Reggaeton who have been convinced to turn against Barb. Amused by "Poppy's boyfriend", Barb declares that it is too late before shooting with her guitar on Poppy. Branch steps in and gets hit by the beam that turns it into Rock Zombies, much to Barb's delight. The evil queen then proceeds to transform all the other leaders into Rock Zombies. Poppy tries to flee after having hooked her lock but this is stopped by Zombie Branch who immobilizes her with his hair, allowing Barb to transform her in turn. Satisfied, Barb lets Poppy finish the job, starting with King Peppy and Prince D. Unfortunately for Barb, Poppy stayed herself after the transformation thanks to the gumdrops in her ears. Poppy then stands up to Barb by denouncing that her so-called perfect world under the Rock has nothing to do with harmony. Riff then admits to Barb that he agrees with Poppy because if everyone is the same then nobody will know that they are cool, an argument which seems to convince the other Rock Trolls. Refusing to hear reason after Poppy is tempted to explain that a good queen listens to others even if they are in dispute, Barb tries to recover his guitar only for Poppy to destroying the guitar and defeat her, destroying the musical strings and creating a wave of shock that bringing the Rock Zombies back to normal but absorbs all the music and colors of the trolls, leaving them gray.

Horrified, Barb advances towards her broken guitar just to find that what remains of strings disintegrates into nothingness, putting an end to all the music, including Rock. Her plans failed, Barb blames Poppy for destroying what spanks the identity of each troll before sarcastically encouraging all the trolls in the pits to applaud the queen of the Pop Trolls for destroying the music forever, adding whith her old scorn that Pop to everything ruined again, like in the past. Barb's bitterness slowly gives way to confusion when she hears the music coming from the hearts of the Funk twins and then all the other trolls are able to do the same. Queen Essence understands that music really comes from the heart, where Barb can't steal it from them. King Quincy then adds that the music may have started with the strings but that now the music is in them. The trolls then begin to produce the most melodious sounds all together, leaving Barb stunned and more confused.

Poppy then begins to sing "Just Sing" to make it clear that all trolls can get along even if they have their differences, finding its color in the process. Seeing this, Barb watches her father in turn regain his color after encouraging his daughter to leave her and the other beings themselves, which seems to trigger a reflection in Barb's mind and she started to regret her despicable actions. The leaders join the song and its able to sing in harmony with each other, which gives them the power to bring colors to other trolls. Now the only colorless troll, Barb seems to be starting to enjoy this new music, especially after Poppy walk by her side with some compassion. Finally, Barb's heart produces music in turn and when she sees this, Poppy gives to Barb her other guitar for invite her to join them. At first uncertain, Barb finally accept the differences and sings with everyone, bringing back his color and spanking her hair growing in a rainbow shape. The song ends with the lava from Rock Volcano City becoming rainbow and all the leaders concluding "Just Sing" with this new harmony, finally ending their division. Now that she is no longer forced to do so, Poppy then offers Barb to become a friend for real, which Barb happily accepts.

The newly united trolls return to live together in the troll village, as in the past.


Barb: Hey man. There is King Trollex of the Techno Trolls, right?
Trollex: That's right. Who's asking?
Barb: Queen Barb of the Hard Rock Trolls. And I'm here to take your string, Bro.
Trollex: No way if we lose our string we lose our music.
Barb: You mean your bleeps and bloops? Yeah, that's not music. Do you want to hear some real music?
~ Barb to Trollex, before attacking the Techno Trolls.
YEAH! I got the Techno String! Who knew world domination could be so much fun? Only four more strings to go until rock unites the world.
~ Barb after obtaining the Techno string.
Okay, guys, line up. We’re going to go over the plan again. Okay. We’re on a World Tour. And on each stop, we get a new string. When I have all six strings, I’ll play the ultimate power chord. And I will unite the Trolls under one music. Our music!
~ Barb's goal.
Oh I'm sorry, I must have fallen asleep. Because your music is so boring. Where are the words, dude? Now gimme your string!
~ Barb insulting classical music before attacking the Classic Trolls.
“Dear Barb, can’t wait to meet you. I have tons of great party ideas. Maybe you and I can even be best friends.” Best friends? Is she making fun of me? No one says that. Friendship takes time and years of mutual care and respect. You don’t just become best friends. Plus, everyone knows I already have a ton of friends. Like Carol. Right, Carol? Okay, you’re busy. That’s fine. Love you, Carol!
~ Barb offended by Poppy's request to be best friends.
Pop music isn’t even real music! It’s bland! It’s repetitive! The lyrics are empty! Worst of all, it crawls into your head like an earworm! You know, and you can’t get it out. Uh, I’m tired now. Hating things takes a lot of energy. And no one makes fun of Queen Barb. Ah! I need that Pop string. And I know who’s going to help me. The most feared bounty hunters in all of Trolldom. Chaz, the Smooth Jazz Troll. The Reggaeton Trolls. The K-Pop Gang. And the Yodelers.
~ Barb's breakdown.
Okay. As you probably know, I’m bringing a tidal wave of rock across this land of ours. And soon there will be nothing but hard rock as far as the ear can hear. Whoever brings me Queen Poppy, gets to keep their very own music in their very own territory. Right over here. (Tresillo: I don’t know. It looks pretty tiny.) You want it or not? All you have to do is get me Queen Poppy!
~ Barb recruits the bounty hunters for they bring her Poppy.
This is who I’ve been worried about? This little pipsqueak? (Poppy: I’ll never stop fighting until I make things right! And I’m not a pipsqueak!) Uh, yeah, you are. Because I’m like a whole centimeter taller than you. (Poppy: Leave me alone.) Leave you alone? I'm sorry, you are the one who was all desperate to be best friends.
~ Barb meet Poppy.
So, Popcorn, is being my best friend everything you could have ever dreamed of? (Poppy: I am not your best friend.) You don’t have to be embarrassed. I get it. Being queen can be kind of lonely. There’s all this pressure to be a great queen. And instead of real friends, you’re just surrounded by people who just tell you what you want to hear.
~ Barb to a Poppy prisoner.
Give it up for your former leaders. Funk, Country, Techno, Classical. And worst of all, Poppy!
~ Queen Barb before she turns the troll leaders into Rock Zombies.
Well, isn’t that puke. Poppy’s little boyfriend came to crash the concert. Too late, Branch.
~ Barb to Branch before trying to use the ultimate power chord on Poppy.
Poppy: You’re turning everyone into rock zombies?
Barb: Yep. I can’t wait to party with you, Poppy.
~ Barb after transforming Branch into Rock Zombieand before she does the same with the other leaders.
My strings. What have you done? You’ve destroyed music! Give it up, everybody. Thanks to the Queen of Pop, we’ve all lost our music. History repeats itself. Pop has ruined everything.
~ Barb devastated by the destruction of the strings and all the music before blaming Poppy for that.
Barb: Dad?
Thrash: It’s alright, Barbara. Just let everyone be what they want to be. Including you.
~ Barb is encouraged by her father to find out who she really is.
♪♪Just sing. Sing it together. Louder than ever, ever. Forget everything. Just sing♪♪
~ Barb's redemption.
Poppy: Well, now that you’re not forcing me, I hope we can be friends.
Barb: Yes! Did you hear that, Carol? We have a girl group now!
Carol: A girl group? Nice!
~ Barb accepts Poppy's friendship.


  • Compared to her introduction in the first Trailer, Barb seems to have undergone some slight retouching.
  • Barb and her people are the not only the most advanced, but also the best equipped, and the best armed of all the tribes because their strange, monstrous vehicles are able to move in the water, on the ground, can even fly and their weapons based on rock music are capable of all destruction.
  • Although she claims to be bigger than Poppy, some scenes where Barb and Poppy are seen side by side gives the impression that she is smaller, bigger or the same size.
  • Despite Barb claiming that she and Poppy are the same, Barb is the dark counterpart of Poppy because Poppy is a benevolent monarch who just wanted to unite the tribes while Barb is an abusive tyrant who wants to enslave the Trolls under the Hard Rock Trolls' rule. If Poppy hadn't listened to her friends' advice, she would have found herself like Barb.


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