"Ego"? Is it ego to feel contempt for one's inferiors?
~ Queen Bee
The criminal mind, you see, is simple for one such as myself to dominate... But I have found people like yourself and your JLA colleagues most troublesome!
~ Queen Bee to Superman.

Queen Bee (real name Zazzala) is a supervillain from the DC universe, and is an enemy of the Justice League of America. She models herself around the insect of the same name and seeks to enslave the world and turn it into a hive-like colony with her as an all-powerful monarch.

Queen Bee is often depicted as a member of an alien species that share similar traits to some types of insects found on Earth - with her acting as the leader of the H.I.V.E., which function as a superorganism ruled over by her will. She's also bee a member of the Injustice Gang and Secret Society of Super-Villains, a group of supervillains aimed at destroying the Justice League.



Zazzala was born on the hive-world Korll, becoming its queen and became focused on expanding her species' across the galaxy. Taking the title "Queen Bee", Zazzala would frequently battle the Justice League during their early years, and once sent an army of bee-men to find a potion of immortality. When she threatened to destroy the Earth if the Justice League didn't find the potion, she secretly looked through the records of Green Lantern's ring and found a way to open the vial. Though she briefly had immortality, she the lost the power and was defeated by the Justice League once again.

Queen Bee later formed the Anti-Justice League, a team of supervillains created to destroy the Justice League, but it disbanded after one fight with the superheroes. Despite this setback, Queen Bee managed to manipulate the Justice League into believing she was victim of a scheme by Sonar. She tricked them into thinking Sonar was transferring human intellect to animals, but the Justice League figured she was lying and stopped her.

Injustice Gang

Queen Bee later joined Lex Luthor's Injustice Gang in the agreement that she could some of Earth's population to become her drones, and later managed to force some citizens to craft an "egg matrix" out of local supplies. She attempted to brainwash Kyle Rayner and Steel, but Huntress Rayner them to rest her hypno pollen as Steel's suit protected him from the pollen. Queen Bee was defeated by Wonder Woman and Big Barda, and she and her forces were teleorted back to Korll.


After her tenure with the Injustice Gang, Queen Bee returned to Earth to join Luthor's new Secret Society of Super-Villains. Queen Bee also created H.I.V.E., a multinational criminal group that was later attacked by the Secret Six as part of their war against the Society. During the attack, Firestrom was freed from his cell, and Zazzala and her forces were badly defeated.

Quality Universe

Blackhawk Squadron Villain

Queen Bee (Earth-X).png

Let the stupid peasant women who flock to my banner believe they can live without men! We know better! You and I could control the world, Blackhawk!
~ Quality Universe Queen Bee.

In the Quality Universe, Queen Bee was the leader of an organization called "The Golden Swarm". They poisoned prominent townspeople and swayed public opinion in their favor partly by their comely appearance. The Blackhawks managed to defeat the Queen and her henchgirls by scaring them with mice.

Other Media

Justice League Unlimited

Queen Bee in Justice League Unlimited

In the show Justice League Unlimited, she appears as a training hologram in the episode "Far From Home" for Supergirl's last training exercise. She later joins the Legion of Doom, and witnessed the Flash in Lex Luthor's body give a speech to the Legion.

Young Justice

Main article: Queen Bee (Young Justice)‎‎


Though Zazzala doesn't appear in the series, a character named Sasha Woodman has some similarities to the supervillain, appearing in the episodes "Drone" and "Cure". Woodman was capable of controlling bees, and used them to attack candidates for student president before being stopped by Clark Kent. Woodman was eventually abducted and killed by Dr. Curtis Knox in the seventh season.

She was portrayed by Shonda Farr in season one, and Jovanna Burke in season seven, who also played Bloody Mary in Supernatural.

Justice League Heroes

Queen Bee appears a boss in Justice League Heroes, and was voiced by Abby Craden, who also voiced Olivia Pierce in the 2016 Doom reboot. She turns a number of people in Metropolis into her bee-like drones. Martian Manhunter and Zatanna confront her beneath the subway station and eventually defeat her restoring her victims to normal.

DC Universe Online

Queen Bee in DC Universe Online

Queen Bee appears as a major antagonist in DC Universe Online, where she allies with Brainiac against the heroes and villains of Earth - hoping to enslave them all in the process. She is early seen helping Braniac with the attack on Earth, stealing Lex Luthor's technology with her army. On the hero side, Superman assigns the player to defeat the Queen at the Metrodome, but she later hypnotizes Booster Gold to fight them. On the villain side, Lex Luthor assigns his proteges to stop Queen Bee from stealing his technology. She is fought as a boss in the HIVE Base Duo, where she can mind control Protostar-Sl to attack the player.

She was voiced by Cyndi Williams, who also voiced Poison Ivy in the same game.

DC Unchained

Queen Bee appears as a playable character in DC Unchained, but has a unique physiology rather than insect control. This iteration of Queen Bee is not Zazzala, but rather the H.I.V.E. Queen from the New 52 comics.


  • She was created by the late Gardner Fox and the late Mike Sekowsky.


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